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Tomato Variety Guide

This is a list of the tomatoes we grew for our customers last year. It remains more or less unchanged for 2011, with a few additional heirlooms.  Will update with photos in time.
Early Girl (54 Days): The oblate shaped fruit have a deep red exterior and interior color, and an excellent flavor for such an early variety. Early maturity, and a smaller plant make it a great growing tomato, and a relatively disease resistant one. This variety is our main field crop as well!
Jet Star (70 Days): A tremendous producer of large, clean fruit, relatively free of cracks and scars. Globe-shaped fruit, with bright, attractive color inside and out and a very pleasant flavor. Sturdy, indeterminate vines grow vigorously, producing heavily on stakes or on the ground. Low acid tomato, if you wish to can them, you may want to use lemon juice.
Supersonic (75 Days): Produces heavy yields of large, meaty tomatoes of excellent quality. Fruit are deep oblate in shape, smooth and crack free. Use ground or stake culture for this indeterminate plant.
Beefmaster (80 Days): Standard extremely large 20 oz., Italian beefsteak with outstanding taste.
Better Boy (75 Days): A standard large fruited hybrid used for bedding plants or baskets. Fruit average 16 oz.. Not much wilt tolerance.
Patio Hybrid (60 Days): Developed for bedding plant growers or container sales. Dark green, bushy, potato leaf foliage average 24 in. Produces large 4 oz. red fruit. Perfect for patio planters.
Crista (VFFFN-TSWV 70 Days): New to Volante’s in 2010! A nice slicing tomato with an amazing disease resistance package. Great deep red color, taste and shelf life.

Golden Milano (70 Days): hybrid gold colored Roma with great taste, mild non acid flavor, bushy plants. Excellent for fresh market sales, canning, sauces and novelty salsa.
Mr. Gallinelli’s Plum (75 Days): Solid plum shaped fruit. High yield. Excellent for traditional sauces.

San Marzano Plum (80 Days): Slightly later than the Gallinelli plum. Great taste and a great keeper both on and off the vine, very popular for sauces.

From L to R: Sun Gold, Morning Light, Sweet 100's, Sweet Gold, Sweet Olive, Yellow Pear

Sweet 100 (65 Days): Must be staked. Popular high sugar, small 1 in. red cherry fruit.
Sweet Gold (60 Days): A round golden yellow version similar to Sweet 100. Same crack tolerance and size.
Sun Gold (57 days): Bite sized golden orange high yielding fruit. Exceptional “oh-so-sweet, fresh-from-the-vine-flavor!” Produces large yields over an extended period of time. A great cherry tomato!
Large Red Cherry (72 Days): An excellent salad tomato, with clusters of 5 on spreading, hardy vines, with dark green foliage. Full-season, high yields of deep scarlet, round, 1 to 1-1/4″ diameter, flavorful fruits. Green fruits may be pickled, while ripe ones are used fresh or for preserves.


Lemon Boy (72 Days): Lemon yellow, deep globe fruit average 7 oz. More attractive than “golden” types, very productive, with mild flavor and unusual color.
Sweet Olive (57 Days): Sweet, bite-size, firm, oval-shaped grape tomatoes are bright red and bursting with flavor. Strong tolerance to heat, humidity, and cracking. Medium-tall plants are manageable without pruning, but staking is recommended for ease of harvest.
Morning Light (70 Days): Prolific grape tomato with true yellow color. Extended harvest period. Single stem pruning recommended.
Brown Berry (70 Days): unusual variety with cherry-type fruits dressed in appealing, earthy-brown skins. More than a novelty-the fruits have very good flavor and are sweet and juicy. A very different look for fresh and cooked cuisine.
Yellow Pear (78 Days): Vigorous vines produce high yields of 2″, yellow-skinned, pear-shaped fruits with few seeds. Slightly later than Red Pear, but with the same prolific yields and dependable performance.

Rainbow (82 Days): Very large, orange fruits, with red spots or streaks, grow up to 4-1/2″ in diameter. Firm, meaty flesh with low acidity, produces a delicious flavor that’s ideal in a variety of dishes or eaten plain.

Orange Strawberry (80 Days): Lovely, heart-shaped fruits have sharp tips and are almost blemish-free. Strong, sweet taste in juicy fruits that are a vibrant, deep orange in color when mature, averaging 8 oz. to 1 lb. Don’t be fooled by the wispy leaves – plants are very vigorous and high yielding.

Vintage Wine (85 Days): One of the very few pastel-hued tomatoes. A favorite of gourmet grocers, with attractive, 1-1/2lb., pale pink fruits set off by golden stripes. Elegant, sweet and tasty, with a nice, mild flavor that compliments most dishes.

Costoluto Genovese (90 Days): Volante’s Tomato Trial Winner in 2006! Excellent grower, with a unique finish fruit shape. Ribbed, firm and distinct these fruits can weigh up to 7 oz. with a very sweet non acidic flavor. Also has good disease resistant traits.
Mortgage Lifter (75-85 days): Long time favorite produces large pink toned skin fruits in sizable yields. Meaty consistency, with very few seeds. Comparable to Giant Belgium, with less size. Very sweet and mild, a great eater! Also known as Radiator Charlie.

Caspian Pink (80 days): The first tomato to beat Brandywine in the California taste test trials. Exceptional flavor, originally grown in Russia between the Caspian and Black Seas.

Persimmon Orange (80 Days): Large golden-orange fruits average 1-2 lbs! Very few seeds and a positively delicious flavor. Very good producer

Giant  Australian: Huge, delicious beef steak type fruit. Very thin skinned.
Red Pear (70 Days): One of the rarest of the heirloom varieties and still grown today! Hardy, medium-sized plants yield plenty of small, red, pear-shaped fruits with very few seeds. Perfect for salads, sauces or pickles.
Giant Tree (80-90 Days): Very vigorous grower, can grow vines 10-18 feet long with very strong stems and thick leaves. Large fruit is pinkish-red and tasty.

Striped German (75 Days): Flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are about equally shaded yellow and red. As you can imagine, the slices look beautiful.

Belgium Giant (88 Days): Has huge, sweet, dark pink fruits, weighing 1 to 2 lbs., with smooth bloosom ends and a mild, low-acid flavor. Thick meat is so sweet, some growers use them for making tomato wine.
Rutgers (75 Days): One of the best all-purpose varieties. Ideal for canning. Ripens evenly from inside out. Excellent flavor – rich, mellow, full-bodied. Bright red fruits with heavy walls, weighing about 7 oz. One of the most attractive. Disease resistant.
Brandywine (90-100 Days): Originated in the 1800’s and known for the high standard of good flavor. Huge flat globe 10-16 oz./280-454 gr pinkish red fruit (some stripes) .
Abe Lincoln (87 Days): Beautiful dark red fruits, sweet, solid and meaty. Fruits are smooth, free from cracks and seams, and – although large – ripen all the way through. Ideal for ketchup, juice or slicing.
Bonny Best (72 Days): An old-time favorite producing 8 to 10 oz. globed fruits that are solid and meaty. Bonny Best is highly adaptable, and performs especially well in the North.

Prudens Purple (75 Days): Large, 10 to 16 oz., dark pink, nearly purple fruits mature quite early, with the delicious flavor and good production that heirlooms are known for. Potato-leaved vines.

Black Seaman (75 days): Another beautiful dark colored tomato, this fruit has a rich, tangy flavor. Slightly plum shaped, plants produce a dark skin, red shouldered fruit. A very hardy Russian heirloom.

Green Zebra (78 Days): A very unique and tasty tomato which ripens to a bright green with lighter green stripes. Smaller sized round fruits. Also a determinate variety, which means it can be grown in a container!

Red Zebra (85 Days): New to Volante’s in 2010! Great tasting striped tomato. Dark red with bright golden stripes. Produces good sized crop of 3” fruits.

Box Car Willie (80 Days): New to Volante’s in 2010! Large multi use reddish-orange tomato. Great for slicing, canning or sauce this tomato has it all!


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