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Local Food Fest

It’s time for our annual Customer Appreciation Day, this July 14th! This year more than ever before we have clearly expanded our offerings to you on the farmstand, and the vast majority of these new products and your old favorites are from local producers, bakers, chefs and culinary artisans right here in Massachusetts and New England.

When you buy local products at Volante Farms you are supporting more than one family run business.  Volantes has been bringing you homegrown produce for 95 years, and with each season we have reached out to more local businesses to keep our stock increasing and developing with our customer base. We now bring produce from several orchards and other farms to supplement our own, and you find it labeled as Mass Grown throughout the stand.  We also have partnered with several dairies, bakeries, and small-scale canning and preserving operations.

We are taking this opportunity to rebrand our Customer Appreciation Day, which has always been a chance for customers and our vendors to chat mingle and taste each others wares, into a fully fledged Local Food Fest. With over a hundred locally producing companies stocking our shelves we want you, our customers to get to know them better.

Come down and meet more than 20 of our local partners Saturday, July 14th from 10 -4. The list of participants is growing daily, and certainly will present a great opportunity for you to get to know some of the products on our shelves you may have not had the chance to experience yet.

Prior to the July 4th holiday these companies had already signed up to take part, so come down and meet them and find out what they have to offer every day in our stand:

  • Our Favorite Dressings
  • T’Art Baking Mix
  • Nella Pasta
  • Doves & Figs Preserves
  • Golden Girl Granola
  • Klara’s Gourmet
  • Giovanna Gelato
  • S & F Sauces
  • Vermont Creamery
  • Mozzarella House
  • Susie’s Bakery
  • Ariston Oils
  • Pure Gold Granola
  • Toscanini’s Ice Cream
  • GuS-Grown up Soda
  • Maria’s Pita Chips
  • Guy’s Healthy Homemade Dips
  • Oatworks Smoothie
  • Chilly Cow Custard
  • Something Sweet without Wheat
  • Nashoba Brook Bakery

Plus Samples from:

  • Fancypants Cookies
  • Effie’s Oatcakes
  • Venus Wafers
  • Eaton Farm Fudge
  • Sassy Sauces
  • Yorgo’s Hummus
  • Fat Toad Farm Sauces

Local Food Artisans: If you don’t see your name on this list and you would like to participate, please be in touch with


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