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Last Day of Summer: a different sort of apple frenzy

September 21, 2012

Hay Man waits to meet you at the front gate, a perfect spot for pumpkin hunting and photo snapping.

Boy did it feel like Fall this morning, huh? With perfectly cool sleeping weather and warm sunny days we are really noticing the shift of seasons this week. Most of all, we are noticing the total farmstand take over by the apple faction.

Rivaled only by the fall decor giant Hay Man out front and his many pumpkin minions, the apples are really where it is at right now. Today we had 19 varieties available on the stand, several of which we have never had before at Volante. This week’s newbies included Red Gala, Pinova, and Crimson Gold joining the rest of the gang on our apple list. Be sure to click-through to our variety guide for tasting and usage notes on your apples, and while you are shopping be sure to grab a page of our apple notepads so you can identify your favorites later at home.

Pinova Apples are a new to us variety from Tougas Family Farm this year. They are a crisp, sweetly-tart German Apple. It is a cross between Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Duchess of Oldenburg.

In addition to the fresh apples, we have Massachusetts Made Cider back on the stand after along absence. And not just in liquid form. If you have been following our other social media this week you know that Cider Donuts have finally arrived at Volantes! We, and our Donut Robot, are thrilled to have found another way to get you hooked on an amazing home-made product. Buy them by the each or the half-dozen ready bagged in our bakery, and be prepared to eat them while they are still warm. Stop in this weekend for a fresh hot coffee and donut.

Cider Donuts fresh out of the fryer. Get them this morning while they last!

Speaking of warm apple treats, the Ice Cream Stand is countering with a few temptations of their own this weekend. They have begun serving warm apple crisp from Mann Orchard with a cool scoop of Crescent Ridge Ice Cream on top. This weekend they will also be making fresh caramel apples, something we have long wanted to offer, and finally have the means of keeping the mess to a minimum.

With so much apple-ing going on it seems prudent to whisper the official date and time of the years’ preeminent apple event. The 2012 Volante Farms Apple Pie Contest is Official, Sunday October 14th at Noon! Rules and Registration to follow soon, but mark your calendars and start refining your recipes. This is a different day than we had originally talked about, so be sure to note that it is on a Sunday this year, and will be well over before the Pats game if you want to keep eating and on the same day as the Needham Historical Society Walk if you feel the need to work off some pie calories.

Caramel Apples, a new treat brought to you by the Farmstand and Ice Cream Stand by combining the best of their fall flavors into one handy take with you dessert.

Finally, for a different sort of taste, this weekend is the Life is Good Festival at Prowse Farm in Canton. The two-day event raises funds for a variety of children’s charities while treating festival goers ears to some very fine music. As part of the event this year, Pete and Gerry’s Eggs invited us to be involved and had Chef Todd create a signature sandwich to be served to the volunteers and attendees this weekend. His Sandwich, “The Barnraiser” consists of Volante’s Homegrown Roasted Eggplant Spread, sauteed Homegrown Sweet Peppers, Homegrown baby Arugula, Cabot Cheddar Cheese and a fresh heirloom Ameraucana Egg from Pete and Gerry, all together served up on Barowsky’s 12 Grain Bread.

Todd’s Sandwich special at this year’s LifeisGood Festival. Also available at the farm this weekend while supplies last!

Chef Todd joined chefs from Henrietta’s Table, No. 9 Park, The Seaport Hotel, and The Met Group in creating special sandwiches for the event, proceeds of which at the festival go directly to the Life is Good charities.

If you are not lucky enough to attend the fest, which at this point has already sold out for Sunday, and will likely for Saturday as well, you will at least be able to try the Barnraiser here this weekend, 8-11 in the morning.

Otherwise, think fall. Pumpkins, winter squash, mums,  salt marsh hay, cornstalks, they’re all here and ready to celebrate the season that is New England. Pop in this weekend for a quick seasonal spruce up for your yard and some fresh tastes for the lunch table as well.

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