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Fresh Fall Looks

September 14, 2012

Homegrown Concord grapes are making a brief appearance this week. Still recovering from their pre-construction move we are happy they are giving us anything at all this year!

This week you’ll have to catch us on the run. We are all over the place with new flavors, flowers and festive events.

Cranberries from Carver MA fresh on the stand this week!

Sticking with the alliteration, Fortune Apples arrived this week. Macouns are expected shortly as well, maybe as early as this afternoon.

Also round and red, local cranberries are back on the stand this week, from The Berry Guys in Carver MA. This year they have fresh, dried, and two types of sauces for us.

Lefty pulls some monster parsnips out of the ground at Standish. We’d love to sell them greens on but then the bunches would be over 4 feet long!

Out in the field some of the summer tastes are fading away. Summer squash and cucumbers are succumbing to the season even though are last crop is just starting to produce and winter squashes are pumping up their production. We have a wide variety of homegrown winter squash coming into the stand now plus many more from our local partners. The beginning of Pumpkin season is here too. Pumpkins are coming in in sugar, jack-o-lantern and Cinderella styles from Araujo Farms in Dighton.

Parsnips are shining and super white on the stand today!

We also have a new crop to crow about. Our first ever Parsnip pick this week has fresh Parsnips available on the root table right inside the Farmstand door. The combination of their growing popularity and our lengthened season made it seem like it would be a good time to try this special root vegetable. The fact that they had to go in the ground over 180 days ago means we are really quite excited to be pulling them out now. Let us know how we did!

Pumpkins, Mums, Straw, Cornstalks and more are ready for your fall decor needs.

Disco Bell Hibiscus add a huge splash of flower power to your fall patio

The greenhouse has many more mums coming into bloom now, as well as some impressive disco-bell hibiscus, flowering cabbages and kale, plus  those beautiful fall flowering shrubs we showed you last week.

Chef Todd is busy this week too. He is up at Babson this afternoon at their Sustainability Fair, introducing the new arrivals on campus to their local farm. Plus he is whipping up some fall favorites for the prepared food section as well including:

  • Potato and sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Herb Chicken with Parsnips and Apples
  • Homegrown roasted beets with horseradish
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with pomegranate
  • Honey roasted salmon
  • and more!

    The wildlife in action this week is definitely the frogs. They are everywhere right now and making easy meals for hawks and herons at the Standish Fields

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