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Something Artsy This Way Comes…

September 8, 2012

One of Erin’s Ceramic Bowls

And something autumnal equinoxy too. Fall is nearing and I can hardly wait. It is by far my favorite season; apples pile up, pumpkins get carved, and anything within arms reach seems to end up in a pie (not to get all Hansel and Gretel on you). The colors of a New England Autumn show themselves strikingly on the leaves of our trees and in the fruit of our harvest season, stocking countless farm stands across the state with a beautiful, edible pallet of color.

I love the brilliant color of all the fall veggies that fill our displays but unfortunately, you can’t paint a wall with a squash display (so the saying goes). Lucky for us, we found a solution to our interior decorating problems and wouldn’t you know, we kept it local too.

One of Lisa’s delicious works

We would like to introduce the Volante Open Gallery, a collection of local art work presented through various mediums that showcase the creativity and ingenuity of our neighbors and friends. Take a look the next time you’re in at the soft and colorful paintings from Lisa Breslow Thompson, cute and bright ceramic birdhouses from Kay Cahill, and earthy and layered ceramic bowls from Erin McLaughlin.

Kay Cahill’s Ceramic Birdhouses

The art is spread out around the farmstand and all of the pieces are available for purchase, some directly through the artist and some through us. We hope to rotate in new artists seasonally so that we can showcase a wide variety of talented Needhamites and Greater Bostonites alike. Next week Needham photographer John Lehman will be displaying some of his recent work as well.

I am very excited and happy that our new building has enough extra space to lend to the cause of creativity and artistic expression, and that there are so many local people with so much to offer in this manner. Also, it gives me an outlet to display my magnum opus: “Hand Turkey” -2012 Crayon on Paper

I’m told my technique needs work.

In all seriousness the art we have been fortunate enough to display has been phenomenal and is really inspiring. Most of these people have day jobs but still find the time to work on something beautiful which I think deserves some applause.

Websites for a couple of the artists can be found here:

Lisa Breslow Thompson

John Lehman

If you have any questions would like more information on how to get involved feel free to email me directly: steve at or if you happen to be at the farm and want to know more ask around, I’m usually here.

Curious about what is currently displayed or past exhibits? All of the photos are available on our photo blog under the heading Volante Open Gallery. Happy browsing!

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