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Everything All At Once

August 22, 2012

Beets, Carrots, and Swiss Chard in several colors force themselves on you as you enter the stand.

That’s how we do it here now. This week, walk into the farmstand and see everything summer has to offer, splayed out all over the place. Well that sounds messy doesn’t it, but really click over to our Now Picking page; it is so long right now you’ll wonder yourself how we can fit all of these wonderful fruits and veggies under even our roof.

Each day brings more and more from our fields and those of our local farming colleagues to the stand. Over the last week alone we have seen the return of those lovely pink and white shell beans and the first glimpses of red, yellow, and orange bell peppers. We are also rolling in with heaps, record-breaking in fact, amounts of tomatoes, heirloom and other wise. Stop in to choose from among 30 different types of tomatoes we have available now.

Peaches, nectarines, and plums have been piled on our fruit tables, almost all from Sunnycrest Orchards in Sterling MA. Bill Broderick has done it again, and the fruit he and his crew finds for us continues to be perfect and then some. He has had a few apples coming in already this summer, so we have begun our infamous Apple Page, giving you a regularly updated list of the apples we have on hand. You might want to bookmark it now, then check daily for your favorite’s arrival. Apples from Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis NH and the Tougas Family Farm in Northborough MA are also on the stand right now, and we are of course more greedy than ever to have the largest varietal selection around.

New for Volantes this year is the availability of locally grown potatoes as well. We have been wanting to grow our own potatoes for years, but just haven’t gotten the nerve, space, and until recently a washing machine to handle them. So this year we tracked down a few local providers: Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon MA and Heron Pond Farm from right over the New Hampshire border.

Potatoes from Heron Pond and Ward’s Berry Farms in all shapes colors and sizes.

Additionally we seem to have ht a summertime picnic jackpot with a wealth of melons from all over the area. We have yellow, sugar baby and old-fashioned watermelons, snow leopard melons, Galia, cantaloupes and more coming from a variety of local growers.

It is really wonderful that the agriculture diversity that has blossomed in our area the last few years is helping to diversify our offerings even more. It is allowing us to focus on the crops we know we can grow best for you and still offer even more new tastes to you when we can.

Local Melons for everyone!

If you had or took the opportunity to join is for either the Dinner in the Field or our Field tours this past week, you have gotten a glimpse at what goes into the soil besides seeds to bring this bounty to your tables. If you took part in the Cooking Contest, you got even more ideas about how to transform these veggies into award-winning meals.

To read more about the Dinner in the Field please read some of these reviews that have been turning up online:

From TravelEatLove:


This week on the farm we have a few more events to keep you in touch with your local land.

The greenhouse has brought in several annuals, flowering and perfect for late summer and not even mums. There are also mums if that’s what you are ready for. Stop by and check in with our greenhouse crew for ideas on how to freshen up your garden for Back to School low maintenance season.

Don’t forget the Ice Cream Stand is open late every night, enjoy sunsets like this one from the farm Sunday night while you dessert it up.

Speaking of Back to School, we have a whole heap of employees who are doing exactly that. We are hiring in a variety of departments right now to alleviate the late summer turnover. Click here for more: Now Hiring.

If that doesn’t sound sweet enough to you, how about some ice cream to go along with? While we are at it more music to your ears, the Needham Euphonium Ensemble will give the last concert of their free summer series at the Ice Cream Stand this Saturday at 1 pm. Plan on coming by for deli sandwiches and stay for a relaxing dessert with some family friendly music.

The Heirloom and House Bacon BLT

Sandwiches you say? This month has seen a few summer classics coming from Chef Todd’s kitchen. There have been some luxurious lobster rolls, dressed with homemade aioli and homegrown pickles and celery leaves on brioche rolls. More recently we have been experiencing some real summer flavor with the Farm Kitchen BLT. Housemade thick cut bacon, homegrown lettuce and heirloom tomatoes and a little different brioche bun have been exiting the kitchen at a fairly quick pace. This weekend, it sounds like we are going to go head to head, to determine the best summer sandwich out of Volante’s Kitchen. Do you already know which you will order?


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