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Farm Field Day and Customer Cooking Contest this Saturday

August 13, 2012

This Saturday is  Farm Field Day, when we give you the opportunity to ask and have answered all your farm related questions as we offer guided tours of our home field at 10, 12, and 2. The home field has been host to all of our lettuce, radish, broccoli and many other crops this year. While a lot of our major crops are grown at the Standish Road fields, a lot of our small crops thrive at home where we can pick small amounts of the diverse options.

We will give you a run down of how a day in the field works and show you how food gets from our fields to your plate.

In addition to these tours it is also time for our annual Customer Cooking Contest. This farm favorite event has just a few rules and is open to just about anyone with a penchant to have their skills compared to others’. Judging begins at 11 am.

Pre-register for the cooking contest by simply filling out this contact form, or talk to a cashier when you stop in!

We only have three simple rules for the cooking contest:
1. Recipe must contain Volante Farms Homegrown veggies/fruit
2. Contestant must bring in enough food for 4 judges to sample
3. Contestant must bring a copy of his/her recipe!

Prizes are to be determined, but usually involve Volante Gift Cards galore.

Also this week you will see we have started separating our heirloom tomatoes by variety so you can find your favorites and know them again next time. We are picking hot peppers now, too and several varieties of eggplant. Beautiful pink and white shell beans have returned to the stand this week as well.

You may start hearing about us from a variety of new outlets soon. I’d like to thank many of our local partners for helping make our new customer outreach possible, and invite you to visit them online here: Local Partners. This week specifically, Alex’s Ugly Sauce, doves & figs jams, Crescent Ridge ice cream, and Pat-Os Pickles are our featured favorites. Keep an eye out for them on the stand and see why we love them.

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