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Harvest Starting

July 27, 2012

Lots new this week folks, Harvest Time is really here and all the veggies you think and dream about all year are here. Is it the waiting that makes them taste so good, or are they really just that sumptuous?

Garlic has cured and is available on the stand now!

Anyway the full scope of varieties aren’t all available yet, but eggplant, pepper and tomatoes all made an appearance on the stand this week. Eggplant seems to be fairly available, both in classic and some of the more interesting worldly varieties.

Peppers are going to be green for a little while, but since green really refers to a prematurely ripe pepper that means we will see some white, purple and black ones soon as well.

Homegrown Cut Flowers being bunched into beautiful bouquets of snapdragons, zinnias, celosia, and more.


We started the afternoon yesterday on the hunt for a few ripe cherry tomatoes and were surprised to find a few bushels of Heirlooms and Early girls as well. Not often we see heirlooms in July, but most of these early ones seem to be German varieties so they are used to maturing a bit quicker than the Italian ones.

We have been picking Okra off some pretty measly plants, but you will get the best of what we can find. A few new green beans, Lewis, Caprice, and Boone are back on the stand, so if you have a favorite green bean from last year you have been waiting for, keep an eye out. New Zealand Spinach has returned to the stand this week. It is a good substitute for spinach in the hot weather, but certainly a different animal, but worth a try. Brussels Sprouts also made a Homegrown return this week. With our elongated picking season we put in two different varieties to spread the flavor out over a longer time frame. So we should have those through the fall and into the winter, and they should only taste better every day.

Classic Eggplant in beautiful Aubergine.


Another new crop hit the stand this week as well. Collard Greens, by popular demand, have finally made it to the Farmstand. Now lets see them compete against our many other greens, Komatsuna, Kale, Swiss Chard, Bok Choi and more to see if you were as hungry for them as you said. They are certainly beautiful enough to be worth a shot, especially if that shot includes a little bacon and vinegar.

We are getting peaches, plums and nectarines regularly from Bill Broderick’s Sunnycrest Orchards in Sterling Mass in yellow and white. There should be bushels worth available right through the harvest season now.

The next Dinner in the Field sold out again , in a ridiculous amount of time. I wish we could figure out a way to treat even more of you to the magnificent meal Todd is going to prepare. It is wonderful that so many of you want to take part in these events with us, it will make easier to plan more going forward.

Please join both our email list to get updates on future events first, and consider joining the waiting list for this event. Plans do change and many spots opened up at the last minute for the previous dinner, it could happen again.

Preparations for last weeks Dinner in the Field.


We are getting into cooking demo season and the next several Saturdays will have plenty to offer. Stop by and see what fresh ideas you can bring to your table. Additionally, the brass ensembles that have been treating our Ice Cream Stand customers to evening performances have been getting great reviews. Check our events listing on Facebook for upcoming free concerts.

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