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Summer Finds Its Stride

July 6, 2012

After the Fourth of July, we are used to picking up the pace, but rarely do we hit the ground at such a run. It certainly helped that we had a wonderful writeup in the Boston Globe on Thursday, detailing how our recent expansion is the path to success for family farms. Click through to read that great article here.

It also helped that some of our favorite produce is really coming into its own. Bill Broderick delivered his first baskets of Sterling MA grown peaches this week, and you would swear they were just bubbles of juice encapsulated by fuzz. Truly a great treat.

We also just began picking our own broccoli, zucchini, summer squash, and pickle cukes in earnest this week as well. Just today we pulled the first onions of the year, and if you remember my post from a few months back we recognized their popularity last year and have more than doubled the crop for this season. Not that you shouldn’t rush down and get some anyway, because fresh onions just have so much going on the standard storing ones we are used to. We have large white Superstar and yellow Walla Walla right now and the red onions might be ready in a week or two.

If that weren’t exciting enough, we got a notice from Umass extension that garlic is ripening at a fairly quickened pace this year and that we should stay on our toes. So we did, and ran out to the field to take a look. Below is a video of what we found, and we should have some hot green garlic available on the stand this weekend. We will see how it sells fresh, and be sure to let us know what you think of it, and will take the remainder and cure it to sell dry over the coming weeks.












Then let’s see what else? Oh right, Corn should be in any day now. We are thinking maybe by Tuesday, so plan your meals accordingly. The heat over the weekend is pumping it up for sure so we should be able to get you some sweet cobs of Temptation Corn by midweek no problem. We just have to find a place to put it in this new stand?

That would normally be enough info for one week but its time to give you a heads up that next Saturday, the 14th is our Annual Customer Appreciation Day, now also to be known as a Local Food Fest. Since more and more of our local vendors were getting involved every year and helping you get to know their products better, we felt it was time to give them their due.

We now carry products from more than a hundred different local suppliers in our Farmstand every day, and because you shop with this family run business you are helping that many more families with theirs as well. Stop in Saturday to meet with and sample products from over 25 of these companies, back out under the familiar green and white tent in the front of the Farmstand from 10 am to 4 pm. For more information on who will be there, visit the dedicated page here.

If you missed the chance at our upcoming Dinner in the Field, the next one will go on sale shortly, but another great farm-to-table option has presented itself. Masona Grill of West Roxbury is hosting a 5 course Beer Dinner with Volante Farms Produce and Blue Hill Brewery beers on July 24th at their restaurant. For more information visit their website:


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