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Last Week of Spring

June 17, 2012

We get to start Summer  later this week, and luckily that means some new treats from the fields. Peas and Sugar Snaps will continue to come in, and local Strawberries will last as long as the weather does, rumor has it Canada’s berries are ready shortly.

Fresh Beets newly Homegrown.

Lovely Bok Choy this week.

We have started harvesting our baby greens from the greenhouse now that flower sales have tapered off. Baby Arugula is now available and lettuce and spicy mix will be along shortly.

Beet greens have finally matured to full-fledged beets and they are particularly sweet right now.

In addition to these new finds you can check out our Now Picking page at the top of the Blog, I will try to keep it as reflective of our true picking status as possible, but of course the way to really get the best variety is to come in often and see what we have for you.

We finally got our winter squash and pumpkins transplanted this week so that crop is on the way.

We also are thrilled to be growing greenhouse cucumbers again. Our long time shoppers will remember these long European beauties from the past. We haven’t had a place to grow them since the new glass greenhouse opened in 2008, but the hoop houses that replaced the space where the new farmstand sits are perfect for them, and nice and toasty. So we will have boatloads of European and Persian homegrown cukes in a few weeks.

Don’t forget, the farmstand closes at 7(6 weekends), but Ice Cream is open late. 9 pm every night. Stop in soon to beat the impending Summer Heat and enjoy a scoop or three under our umbrellas.

On the nearing horizon are blueberries, summer squash, and even green beans.

We are also awaiting this season’s Kildeer hatching. Another annual mark of summer, this year’s mating pair found a perfect spot in the early lettuce crop to hide their nest and have diligently fought us off every morning as we picked Boston lettuce. Even though we have moved on to another crop they are still keeping watch, but hatching feels imminent.

Mama Kildeer still keeping guard.

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