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A Fresh Weekend

June 2, 2012

Things are happening fast this weekend. This rain might have washed out the Needham Street Fair this weekend but on the other hand it also washed away a lot of the yellow pine pollen that’s been coating everything lately.

Todd auctioned off a couple of tickets to the Dinner in the Field on the WGBH Auction Thursday night, which also announced its time, July 19th, 2012 at 6 pm in our fields at 292 Forest St. Sneaking a peek at the guest list, tickets are going quick. Don’t go dragging your feet on this one! Check out the link to the right, or click here for more info.

Sugar Snap Peas, fresh picked today!

The rain has also pushed a few more Homegrown items out of the fields on onto your plates this weekend. Sunday morning will see the season’s first Sugar Snap Peas on the stand, first in decades Iceberg Lettuce, and first time crop for us Garlic Scapes.

Sugar Snap Peas are one of our farm favorites, edible pods crunch and snap with sweet,

Big heads of dark green Iceberg Lettuce, hungry for blue cheese.

juicy tenderness. Try them in salads, sauteed, or as a super healthy raw snack.

Iceberg Lettuce, wait… why are we excited? We have worked so hard for decades to get you all to move beyond Iceberg. But sometimes it’s good to go a little retro, and with our expanded growing season we had some room. Plus every once in a while you just need a good wedge salad, and like most of our homegrown produce, this won’t be the Iceberg you are expecting. For one, notice the color, it actually has some nutrients in there!

And then Garlic Scapes, the shoot of the garlic bulb that will create new seed garlic. We remove it to help the garlic bulb under ground plump up into a heartier bulb. It is a curly, pointy odd piece of green vegetable that can be used like scallions with more of a garlic flavor. Todd is talking about pickling some, but then when isn’t he. You scapes fans out there, you know who you are, and this is your time.

More on the horizon, stay tuned and stay dry!

PS Don’t forget tomorrow is the Needham Garden Tour!

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