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busy times upon us

May 17, 2012

So we have reached the point in the season when everything is happening at once. It seems like everyone got the hint last weekend, when we finally saw some beautiful weather and the crowds that will come in with it. Pretty excited that this weekend is going to bring more of the same. So this is going to be short and sweet, at least by my standards.

From the field: The heavy rains are of course a blessing and a curse. We need the rain and it is bringing early produce in faster than ever, but the mud in the after effects is slowing down progress. But it will be back on track soon.

In the meantime we have had some beautiful spring vegetables available right from our fields this week.

Radishes in a rainbow of colors, beet greens, bok choi, broccoli raab, and purple scallions have all been gracing the stand this week, and hopefully your tables. Spinach both green and scarlet have started as well. This weekend, we should have all this and maybe more in Homegrown. Turnips, mint, and rhubarb are on the way. When shopping the farmstand keep an eye out for the Homegrown in green on the top of signs, it tells you the produce below was grown and picked by us here at Volantes.

Red Spinach fresh from the field

In the farmstand: Lots of Sampling of local favorites this weekend.

Boar’s Head will be handing out samples at the deli, 10-2 on Friday.

Saturday is for sweets, with Fancypants cookies on hand with their all natural decorated cookies from 11 -3 and Jamaica Plain’s AKA Marvelicious and their vegan and organic cookies from 11:20 -3. Mann Orchards will be in as well on Saturday with tastings of their apple pies and crisps from 12-3.

Sunday you can wash it all down with another visit from High Lawn Farm milk in the afternoon.

From the kitchen: Todd has whipped up a lot of new specials over the last few weeks. Back by popular demand, breakfast sandwiches, served on Saturday and Sunday until 11 with house made bacon and Tasso ham.

For lunch last week’s soft shell crab was such a hit, it’s back again. Served Po Boy style with house pickled ramps remoulade, there are a limited number so get in early. Additionally there is a pulled pork sandwich with cabbage slaw and a smoked chicken sandwich with avocado and jalapeno pickled vegetables.


An entire bay of impatiens bleeding color across the greenhouse

In the Greenhouse: Plants are literally flying off the benches and out the door. You all have the bug. It is great to see all these blooms going to their new homes. The way the forecast looks, we are pretty much almost all the way okay safe to plant almost anything. I’m still going to hedge there a little, but it seems like with a little attention and care you can go ahead and go to it out in the garden. Frost is still a possibility for the next two weeks, but unlikely, just be prepared to cover plants if the weather advises.

Impatiens and tomatoes have been the plant of choice of the week, and geraniums and tropicals have been moving as well. Lovely perennials have been arriving by the truckload everyday as well.  If you haven’t felt like doing much in the garden yet, now is the time.

Speaking of time for Gardening, just a reminder that Volante Farms is sponsoring the Needham Women’s Club  Garden Tour. Tickets are $30 in advance and available from our cashiers. The tour is June 3 from 11 to 3 and our own Linda Mauro will be at one of the homes on the tour reprising her Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening talk, so if you want to get an idea how to attract nature’s flying beauties to the garden, and seeing some amazing landscapes in the process, consider joining the tour.

Let’s see, what else?


It has been a few weeks since Volantes unveiled a revolutionary new side to ourselves. So next Friday, May 25th we are doing it again. The Ice Cream Stand will be open for business starting Friday. Steve and Jerry are working out the last minutes kinks, like calling in the help, finding space in the freezers, and testing out the frappe machine. My favorite place to be is there when Jerry is fine tuning his frappe mixology, it keeps working in my favor. We will be hand scooping Crescent Ridge Ice Cream, made right around the corner in Sharon. It is the same tasty treat they serve at their two Dairy Barn locations. We will have cones, cups, sundaes and frappes right off the bat. Additionally, Ice Cream will be available its own special hours, from 11 am to 9 pm every night. Even though the farm closes at 7 ice cream will be available from two windows off the front of the building, and plenty of picnic tables to eat it at. As soon as I get a look at flavors, I promise to shoot a list of initial offerings your way.

And an update on our local wildlife. A miracle of nature this week in the rhododendrons in the parking lot, either cute or gross, depending on your particular phobias:

Well, I guess short isn’t in the cards after all, but still plenty of sweetness. Stop in soon and let us know how your spring is going!

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