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An In-spear-ed Harvest

April 24, 2012

Yikes. That’s a bad way to start. But there are many years of poor Homegrown Asparagus puns ahead of us, we might as well get the worst out of our way. Also in the running: anything about us being spearless in our field, a panel of our spears, or with fronds like these... you get the idea. I apologize in advance, I am just thrilled to have something new in the field to talk about.

Asparagus, just picked.

Anyway! We are loaded down with homegrown asparagus, at least for a short while. We can only harvest asparagus this year if it is fairly large and still only for a very limited time, but what we have had so far has been outstanding. Green and purple spears are available in limited supply right now!

Green and Purple Asparagus coming from our Greenway's fields off Charles River Street.

When we can’t provide our own we will have local and Mass grown asparagus for sale when ours is not, so you won’t go home empty-handed. If you just want a taste, check the fresh spring pasta salad coming from the kitchen, Chef Todd has been including homegrown spears in that as well.

Spring Workshop

In event news, we have just one April Workshop left. Dianne Porcello

Dianne leading an engaged workshop last spring. Show up early for the best views.

will host her ever popular Container Gardening Workshop Saturday April 28 at 10 am. It is free and attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to apply to their gardening purchases and even a little sustenance from the deli to get your gardening started right.

Dianne has been designing many of the mixed containers for Volantes for many years, and has a background in horticulture and floral design. Her eye and knowledge offer you a great launch pad to your summer containers. Container planting can give you a pop of color where you need it or squeeze a whole garden into tight quarters. Bring your questions and eager ears.

Book Signing

Author Michael Natkin will be at Volantes on May 6, from 10 am to 12:30 pm signing and selling his new book, Herbivoracious. It has 150 of his favorite vegetarian recipes in it. Come down to meet him and pick up a copy, and go home with a new book for your shelves and some new ideas on how to use all these great plants we provide for you.

Needham Garden Tour

Volante Farms is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Needham Women’s Club first annual Needham Garden Tour. The tour of six Needham Gardens with talks and more will be Sunday June 3. For more information stay tuned here and visit, for tickets you can come right to Volantes. We will have tickets available for purchase until May 28 on behalf of the Needham Women’s Club with net proceeds to support the restoration of the Greene’s Field playground, just ask any of our cashiers.

Last but not least, congratulations to Sarah Drappi, winner of our gift basket full of Boston’s Best Coffee and sweets from Mann Orchard. How did she win? Easy: she just signed up for our email list to stay abreast of all these great events and her name was randomly chosen from all of our subscribers.  So sign up soon, at and make sure you get all the critical info about Volantes delivered right to your inbox, and maybe even a treat or two along the way!

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