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Earth Day Weekend, treats from our earth, treats for yours.

April 19, 2012

There is another big weekend underway at Volante’s.

In the Greenhouse

This year for Earth Day, give a little something back to your Earth on a literally local level. Find out what your yard needs to help it thrive in the coming year.

Free Soil Testing Saturday April 21, 10-3

This Saturday from 10-3 we will be offering free soil testing to customers. Please bring in 1 or 2 samples from your lawn or garden and allow our friend, John Howell of the New England Vegetable and Berry Grower’s Association,

to help you whip your soil into something more than just dirt. A cup of dry soil will be enough for him to tell you where you stand and how your plants can stand taller, greener, and stronger.

In the Farmstand

Also thought you might be interested in some Homegrown produce news. We have brought three crates of baby kale into the kitchen this week, destined for ravioli and sandwiches it sounded like. The kale had over-wintered in the fields and thanks to the mild spring gave a good growth spurt before bolting to seed. In the same vein we are chasing many of last year’s scallions around the field, before the plow turns them under or they go to seed. Which means Homegrown Scallions on the stand this weekend, while supplies last.

Have you signed up for our email list yet? You should, one of our lucky email subscribers will be given this lovely prize of goodies from Boston's Best Coffees and Mann Orchards. I've been meaning to give it away for a couple of weeks now, so I am announcing and closing the contest at the same time! Email us at to join up if you aren't part of it already. Winner will know by Monday!

But perhaps the hottest news to hit the farm, and as yet unconfirmed, is the rumor that Homegrown Asparagus will be making an appearance. I know, we told you it would be another year still, but the plants seem well established and are putting up some pretty massive shoots. So, we are going to pick sparingly over the next few weeks and hopefully you will be among the first to try our newest crop.

Asparagus apparently shoots faster than any of us imagined!

In the Field

This week we were able to get corn and beans seeded in the field. Today we were able to cover them and store some of this unseasonable warmth in the soil with them. We also transplanted our first lettuce crop of the year out into the field, and uncovered our strawberries and garlic from their winter mulch beds.

The fields having been so dry, the local wildlife is venturing out more than usual. There are heaps of turtles sunning on logs this spring as the ponds dry up. More noticeable is a rather unafraid coyote that has made a home at our Standish fields. She comes by to say hello almost every time we are over there lately, and well, she could be a little more coy. Neighbors, keep an eye on your little pets! The Blue Herons returned to the pond as well, and the hawks and crows have set up and early residence. Even the salamanders are showing up in the greenhouses, choosing moisture over temperature.  Enjoy the gallery of this week’s suburban wildlife below.

To top it off we had to get the irrigation systems going earlier than ever to combat this drought we are in. Weather reports forecast this weekend as having a good chance for some April showers, so get your gardening done early then come back down for a toasty lunch special to enjoy some well deserved rain.

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