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We’re springing up all over

April 11, 2012

Are you feeling inundated by Volante’s lately? Not enough yet? Ok, well here’s what’s going on this week: we are media darlings, we are educating the masses, and leafing out in the fields.

Food Section, Boston Globe

So, you can get this recipe from the Boston Globe and the ingredients from us, and make it yourself with ease. Or you can do what I did and buy it right out of the Farm Kitchen, ready to heat and eat. Smoked Mozzarella, White Bean, and Sage Nella Pasta Ravioli with Sorpressata and Kale.

Did you pick up a Boston Globe today? There was a fantastic write-up on Volante’s by Andrea Pyenson talking about the farm’s transformation into its new state. Additionally, there was a recipe by @VolanteFarmChef, Todd, to exhibit his cooking style and highlight some of the great dishes you can make with Volante’s offerings or just as easily pick up here and say you did.

If you’d like to read it now, click on over to and give it a look: In Needham, an old farm sprouts new premises. And as always, thanks for making us this successful and giving us the confidence to move forward.

Spring Workshops

It is also mid April, which means our Spring Gardening Workshops are underway. We had a great workshop on Pruning last weekend with Mike. If you missed it, much of the information covered is available on our Planting Guides page here.

Celosia and Zinnias attract butterflies in the heat of summer, but what gets them here early in spring? Find out Saturday!

Linda Mauro will give a free workshop on Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening this Saturday April 14 at 10 am.

She will talk about the types of plants best suited to attracted these fascinating visitors to your garden and show you what we have in stock now for early visitors and tell you what to keep an eye out for later season blooms.

Also workshop attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to use for their garden shopping this weekend, or lunch, or both!

The Field

Spring peas push their way through a dry and dusty earth, looking for a drop of those elusive April Showers. Notice the coyote paw print in the top left? They are looking for a nice spring meal too.

It has been so long, it seems since I have had a chance to even talk about what has been going on out in the field. Remember that place? That’s right new readers, we actually are a farm that grows its own vegetables. So a few weeks ago, right before we opened, we got peas, beets, and carrots in the ground at our Standish fields. Shortly thereafter we followed with scallions, radish, spinach, chard and parsley at the home field. Plus a few new trials, broccoli raab and summer turnips.

We covered the peas with floating row cover to help push them a little, and lo and behold, despite the dryness, they are sprouting and up above ground! The bare-ground, or not-covered, peas are also up, as are some of the radish and turnips. Our asparagus crop is entering its second year and is starting to poke through a little as well. Rhubarb and mint are coming out of hibernation too.

The first asparagus spear of the season pokes up its head.

The best news, we plowed for corn today, and all things timely, will plant first corn tomorrow morning.

Farm Stand Sampling

We had a great week with all of our new and old vendors who stopped by to introduce you to their local products. Just a heads up that this weekend we will continue to bring in friends with free food for you to try. If you want to schedule your snacking more accurately, like us on Facebook, where we update happenings most rapidly. Hint for this weekend: Bacon.

The early corn ground, plowed, fed, and ready for planting tomorrow.

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