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Spring is a week away and opening day just a bit further,

March 14, 2012

and the place is starting to pop with life and color. While we have been updating you on our past, present, and future in our New @ 95 series the last several weeks, Spring at the farm has been coming along with speed.

Geraniums now fill an entire bay of the greenhouse, ready to be stalwart garden performers in just a month or so.

The greenhouses are about half full. Pansies and violas are looking lush and starting to color up. The greenhouse crew has been transplanting impatiens, geraniums, and begonias this week and seeding peppers and eggplant. Most of our early spring hangers are planted and starting to branch out.

You might have noticed some green shoots popping up around your yard, crocuses are blooming around Needham now, and if you were able to plant some in the fall you might see the fruits of your labor soon. Or even better you took advantage of the trendy late fall pansy crop and put some Snow Angel pansies in your yard. With the mild weather I’ve had blooms straight through the winter at my house, though nothing as vibrant as the one here on the left.

Our custom-made weather vane is now adorning the farmstand cupola.


The new farmstand is also coming together. We have slated March 31st as opening day, and it seems like we will be in right in the nick of time. This week we have taken advantage of the great weather and finished off some of the landscaping around the new building. filling planters with arborvitae and planting trees around the parking lot, which also got a fresh striping today. The gardens are getting a brand new irrigation system and a lot more lighting as part of the renovation too.

We have been moving in freezers, refrigerator cases, ovens, salad stations, and ice cream chests all week and starting to get a feel for the layout while finishing touches to the lighting and HVAC systems go on overhead. It is getting down to the details very quickly, with a chalkboard for the deli and tables and chairs arriving this week.

Several truckloads of refrigerator chests arrived this week, ready to cool down local meat, cheese, ice cream and more!

Speaking of the details, we should have a sneak peek at the menu very soon. Stay tuned here for that and more on other exciting new products soon to be available.

Don’t forget to follow our progress a little more closely you can catch us on Twitter @volantefarms, and get to know our new chef @VolanteFarmChef as he develops a whole new side to the farm you  love.

A bright bit of Guara on a foggy morning, heralding blossoms and butterflies to come.





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  1. March 23, 2012 7:47 pm

    Do have handicap accessable????

    • Dave permalink*
      March 25, 2012 7:38 am

      Yes our new facility is handicap accessible.

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