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A brief retrospective

January 21, 2012

The greenhouses are starting to hum with activity again. Greenhouse crews will be in next week to begin seeding some very early flowers and to start filling flats with soil to take on the thousands of flowers and vegetable transplants to be nurtured here over the next several months. The field crew has been meeting and poring over last year’s successes and failures and browsing this year’s seed catalogs and the promises of a fresh start.

The construction project is nearing completion, the outer facade is mostly finished and after a few more inspections the interior can be finished off as well. Over the next few weeks we will begin to get a feeling for the space and how we are going to use it. In the meantime April couldn’t feel further away, though we are becoming aware of just how close it is.

Over the next few weeks we will begin to bring you some sneak peeks of what this exciting year will bring all of us. For now take a look back with us at this slideshow of the project so far. It continues to impress that we were able to stay open throughout this process and we are thankful you were troopers about supporting us as well. Enjoy the photos and get itchy for what’s to come.


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