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Wreath Wrangle Wresults

December 14, 2011

Maria Engel's Award Winning 1st Place Wreath

Well this was a tough judging. Firstly, thanks so much to all our entrants, there were some real beauties and your handiwork really shone through. The winners were notified late last night via email, but now we can announce to the world that Maria Engel of Needham took home top honors with her wreath of red and gold. She is the proud owner of a fantastic gift basket donated by Colonial Candle filled with candles, a cd and book set, toys and stocking stuffers. The judges were fond of the big bow and felt it had just the right level of sparkle.

Stephanie Arendell's Second Place Winning Wreath

Coming in a close second was Stephanie Arendell with a similar color scheme but a more explosive free-flowing design. She can celebrate her win over lunch for two at Sweet Basil restaurant in Needham.

Christy Bird's refined wreath also won a top vote.

Interestingly the variety of judges really did come into play, as each of our 5 judges had a favorite that didn’t place in the top two. So to each of our Judges’ Favorites we are gifting a 6 inch poinsettia of their choice, a $10 value. So Susan Biagini, Christy Bird,  Lauren Kinghorn, Diane Hardin, and Laurie Cochran congratulations on your ability to play to the judge’s eye and stop in soon to pick up your poinsettia.

As I said in the initial rules, this is our first attempt at this contest and we enjoyed it as hopefully you did too.  As with anything we learned some lessons which I will be sure to apply to next year. So if you feel frustrated with the results don’t get mad, just start plotting for next year and know I will hold the judges to an even higher standard of criticism.

Diane Hardin's natural look got high marks.

For your own notes, photo quality totally makes a difference. Descriptions of materials used was helpful, and seeing the setting of the wreath often helped land it a point or two upwards, so feel free to include a wider shot of wreath location next year. And while the judges are completely above bribes, they are still appreciated, but they will not affect the outcome just our waistlines.

Lauren Kinghorn's magnolia and white LED wreath had one judge in exclamation points.

Oh and I was told that purple LED lights were the only thing missing on at least one wreath. But I understand there are places your taste or family may just not let you go. But these may be just the sacrifices necessary to take home the gold in next year’s Wreath Wrangle.

Susan Biagini's wreath was a judge's fave.

Thanks again for participating and have a wonderful Holiday Season! Anytime you have something you decorated with products from Volante’s, or landscaped with our flowers, or cooked with our produce and you are proud and want to share, you can always send it to me at or share them on our facebook page. Even when we aren’t running contests we love to see the ingenious ways you find to love our products and let our other customers know too.

Laurie Cochran played to her strengths and included serving size homemade granola pouches on her wreath.

We hope to see you again before the 24th and soon again in  April.

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