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Wreath Wrangle 2011: this is our first Rodeo

December 2, 2011

Chartreuse and Purple, a bit new for Christmas, in Teri's initial attempt.

A healthy Christmas Season competition has been developing over the week down at Volante’s. Teri came up with a unique color combo while bow making and thought it would really pop on a wreath, so she tried it out and displayed it on her office door.

Since the office is currently a tightly quartered shared trailer space while construction is ongoing, a certain contingent thought that maybe they could spruce up their own office door, you know with a bit more pizzazz. So the big guns of decorating were brought in, on a secret-op, as seen in the video below.


Teri pulled no punches on her Purple Xmas Redux.

Teri returned fire in kind, and with a bit more punch and juice.I suspect there will be a counter-garlanding soon.

So before this goes to a dark place devoid of holiday cheer, I think we need to  turn this rodeo around.

Announcing Wreath Wrangle 2011!

All sorts of wreaths grab the eye at this time of year.

Here at Volante’s we carry mostly double-sided Balsam Fir wreaths, in sizes from 10″ to 48″.  we sell these plainly undecorated, with a handmade bow, decorated with bows, berries, pine cones and ornaments, or the ultimate custom-made extra-fancy which can include every thing from seed pods to violins, glitter to dried herbs. These are all hand decorated by our team in-house, and many custom options are available, though they are best attended to during weekdays while things are quieter.

We also carry a large assortment of wreath fashioned from winter berry, magnolia, mixed greens, oregonia, red dogwood twigs and more.

So while we can decorate in many ways, we know by the sheer amount of wreaths that go out the door without our magic touch, you must have some ideas of your own. Care to share them with us?

I am announcing our first ever wreath decorating contest. Show us what you’ve got, email me a nice photo of your hand decorated wreath on your door by next weekend and maybe you’ll win!

Here are the rules:

Your wreath can be any size.

You can use decorations bought at Volante’s or from another source. We want to see creativity and execution so we don’t want to limit your options, but we do want it to be something you did yourself.

You may use a bow made by us, we know we are good at it, we will feel flattered.

Submit a digital photo with name of decorator to by December 12.


Entrants will be subjectively judged by our wreath decorating crew, whose tastes you can see run the gamut. Linda and Dianne are powerhouse decorators, with eyes for detail and eager for innovation. Teri is a traditionalist, branching out into color themes. Mac and Morris bring their Caribbean joie de vivre  to decorating, no amount of color and embellishment can be deemed enough. So it will be hard to play to all of their sympathies at once.

While I am not a judge I reserve the right to vociferously support my faves, which seem to include buffalo plaid this year.

Judging will take place on December 12-13 after all entries are received.


The top wreathers will receive some wonderful prizes. I have a lush gift basket from Colonial Candle and a gift certificate to Sweet Basil already in hand, and depending on response I may gather a few more prizes.

All the wreaths will be featured here on the blog, and the winning wreaths may even be featured on our walls if the crew finds them inspiring enough to duplicate.

So get to work and let’s see what you can do!

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