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Closing Time

October 31, 2011

Not exactly an October morning.

What a wild weekend. With all the weather excitement it was easy to forget that time marches on. But here we are at a historic occasion of sorts. The final closing day of Volante’s Produce Season ever. As many of you know, we have traditionally shut down produce operations on October 31, not to be resumed til the following June. As part of our vast renovation project we are making the leap of faith to carrying produce year round once we open next spring. Of course you know we’ll still be open next month for Christmas trees and winter decorations.

This weekend was a bit of a lesson in what the future will mean. Not that we expect to get multi inch snowstorms in the fall, but that we will be trying to harvest in less than ideal conditions. Twice this week we found ourselves out in the field in driving rain / almost snow attempting to clean and bunch vegetables. By Saturday afternoon we had given in. We altered our normal process of picking, cleaning, and bunching in the field to a simple snatch and grab of veggies in the rain and driving them back to the greenhouse to sort, clean and bunch. It meant hauling a lot more mud than usual, but it made it much easier to see what carrots look like when eyelids aren’t frozen.

Mac and Morris were pretty thrilled to bunch scallions undercover on Saturday after the rain started.

So as we shut down today there is still homegrown produce available. There are some radishes, scallions, and spinach. We scared up some very baby bok choy and yellow carrots as well. Lettuce continues to be small, beautiful and buy one get one free. Winter Squash is flying out the door and it looks like late comers to the jack o lantern party will be carving Long Island Cheese pumpkins again this year. We still had some nice big pumpkins at the end of the day Sunday, but they may not last long this morning. Apples are still available, though selection is getting thinner, first come first serve as always. I’d update the list of available apples but I expect it may change by the hour as varieties sell off.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone again for the wonderful season. We are grateful for your love of our products and your continued support. It certainly helps as we move forward to know you are behind our efforts and will be in the future. It’s always the right time to be excited about locally grown, and we look forward to offering it to you even more often.

Something new, picking broccoli in the snow. As long as it isnt actually frozen it will still taste great.

One last favor, I would love for you to send me photos of your own Volante Jack-o-Lantern and your carving and decorating skills at work. Since we are always closed right at Halloween we don’t get to interact for a while, so it would be great to see how our pumpkins helped to make your holiday. If you have a carving you are particularly proud of take a pic and send it me here at ryan, I’d love to post it on the blog.

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