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Going Up?

October 27, 2011

The past few weeks have proven to be quite progressive. I apologize once again for my slackery (?) in the blogging department.

Beautiful latticework of the roof over the retail area

After the construction crew demolished the house and green barn on the corner of Central and Forest, the focus has been up, up, up! The post and beam building is changing shape daily as well. We have what appears to be the beginning of our roof. The intricate layout of the beams is really quite beautiful.

where's the hoot?

We’ve been dressing up concrete facades along the front of the building with a stone veneer to match our stone wall in the piazza. This is really an underappreciated art form in my opinion – it amazes me to watch these guys work! It’s like a natural, pretty, heavy puzzle I guess. Additionally, we added a unique little hoot of a stone in one of the walls, can you spot him in the picture?

This morning the crew started by grinding up the pavement near the entrance of the parking lot with a huge, surprisingly quiet machine. This will help with regrading the area surrounding the new building. We hope to repave that section of the parking lot sometime in November in time for the opening of our Christmas season. Until then, there will be a hard-packed surface for you to drive on when entering the parking lot.

This really cool transformers-esque machine ground up the pavement this morning to prepare for some new grading around the farm.

"Ice Cream, Anybody?" Who wouldn't want to order ice cream from this guy?!

And just in time for Halloween is this super creepy picture of Steve looking out his new ice cream window. He seems to be holding an apple on a stick… which is normal. He is standing inside the new building looking out into the outside seating area. We will also have some indoor seating to accommodate for chilly or rainy days.

Speaking of Halloween, we will be closing for the season on Monday October 31st at 6pm. But don’t fear! We’ll be re-opening for all your holiday needs on Friday November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving) at 9am!

To prepare for our closing we are putting all sorts of products on sale, including a lot of our dressings, dips, jams, ice creams and pastas at BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Come on down to see what we’re offering – we’ll be adding new items to the list daily, but they won’t last long!

Rest assured that this is the last year we’ll be closing our produce season. Next year we will be open year-round in the new farmstand offering produce and baked goods all year long!

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Last Look: The house on central avenue finally succumbed to the progression of the new farmstand last Monday the 17th. (look at that blue sky, remember those?!)

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