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They say a Change will do you good

October 20, 2011

But it is still hard to say good-bye. Still coming down from last week’s exciting and hard-fought pie contest we were barely mentally prepared for Monday’s events. The old green barn and the house that have sat on the corner of Central and Forest for decades finally succumbed to progress. It is certainly not with light hearts we watched them go.

After many years of good times, 829 Central has succumbed to progress.

The good news is we have a link to the future right here. These two guys will remember this construction project for years to come.

The mint green house at 829 Central was a home to many employees and family of the Volante’s over the years. And to the Fletcher’s before that even.  Most recently it was the home away from home for our longtime Jamaican crew, who already miss all the action of being out on the busy street and watching the cars go by in their off hours.

It's not pretty but it's reality. And soon to be renewed.

The green barn was home to our tomato, peach and apple chests and Christmas season storage. Bags and boxes and spare greenhouse plastic also found a berth there. True countless hours have been spent there sorting for ripe tomatoes and packing apples. As recently as 15 years ago it was even the home to our tractor fleet. Seeing how full the big barn is now I can’t imagine how that would ever have worked.

The post and beam crew from Hardwick Ma puts the logs together on the ground then raises them into place for a final pegging. The pieces are held together completely by gravity and wooden pegs.

In any case while we are very excited for the new look and expansion of the farmstand, it is sad that there are sacrifices to be made. Please be aware that we are mindful of them and that hopefully these changes will not only make the farm run smoother they will probably make your commute around that dangerous intersection easier too.

So when you stop by this weekend things will be shockingly different. The post and beams structure is nearly complete. The walls are nearly framed. It is really starting to take shape. It is huge and it is beautiful.

Suncrisp Apples from Tougas Family Farms

While you are taking it all in. We brought in a few more apples over the course of the week. Enterprise is back, along with Fuji. We found some Idared at Tougas Family Farm and brought those in as well. We haven’t had them for a few years so it’s good to get them back.  Idared was developed in 1942 at the University of Idaho and is a cross between a Jonathan and Wagener. A perfect cooking apple for pies sauces and cakes.

Also from Tougas’ we brought in Sun Crisp. A new variety for us, it seems to have a loyal following among apple enthusiasts. Developed in the early 1990’s in New Jersey it is a cross between Golden Delicious and Cox range Pippin. It has big taste great for eating and is also good for pies and apparently drying.Idared apples are back. As usual remember to check out the other apples we have in stock this week and learn about them on our variety guide.

Speaking of thing that are hard to see go. The past weekend saw the last of this year’s corn. It was a fairly good season, despite the weather traumas. The good news is that we can direct our focus once again to winter squash. The Squash table is full and brimming with all sorts of sweet and savory storage delights. Check out our squash guide for ideas on what to pick up and how to use it. One new addition of note is a new sugar pumpkin: Flatso. It is a cross between a sugar pumpkin and a Long Island Cheese Squash. Its flavor should be perfect for soups and pies.

Just a reminder we close for the season October 31. Visit us soon before it’s too late.

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