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It’s all a little alien

October 11, 2011

It will be sad to see the old farm house go, despite how poised the equipment appears.

Speaking of the current situation with the construction project of course.  The green barn on the corner and the old farm-house next to it are slated for removal any day now. We have been scavenging the best of the remnants out of them for the past few days, including a couple of vegetable refrigerator chests and an antique kitchen sink. But all in all there is not much to look at once the contents are all gone, despite the generations of service both buildings have provided.

The post and beam team from Hardwick start to lay out the timbers around the new stand.

As with the rest of the construction project, as this portion gets under way there could be a slight disruption to the flow of the parking lot. We know our customers though and you continue to prove your adaptability, keep it up and we will try to keep it easy.

The post and beam timber crew arrived on site this week, and spent today trimming and drilling the logs to raise into a frame soon.  You could see evidence of the new structure as early as tomorrow. We also are in the process of setting in catch basins for drainage around the perimeter of the new structure, and you can see various catch basins ready to take any rain we get later this week.

I see you seeing me.

Okay, but now for the real little alien. We have been cutting down the tomato crop this week. Removing old vines from strings and cages, pulling up stakes, rolling up weed prevention plastic and irrigation tape takes a long time.

On location in the tomato patch. Those are grape tomatoes, so it isn't THAT huge. (Still, pretty huge)

During the process we came across what seems to be a seasonal visitor, a large Praying Mantis. It was very engaging and interested in us, and we found it a safe haven away from the path of any impending tractors. The mantises have been spotted at a few of our fields this week, including some fresh egg cases. Good news for next year’s insect control.

A praying mantis egg cache. Should you find one in your yard, move it to somewhere safe from frequent traffic and maybe next spring you'll have a few hundred little alien miracles.

The fish CSA has been a huge hit, it is great to see so many of you on Monday afternoons. This week we had a delivery of really spectacular Bluefish. Just a reminder, pickup is Monday afternoons from 3-6, and as we now close at 6 it’s even more important to be on time.

This week's CSA offering, Bluefish! Big and Bluefish that is.

Not too late to register and bake for this weekend’s Apple Pie Contest. You could go down in history and eat fairly well in your fame with all the prizes available.

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