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Apple Pie Contest Next Weekend!

October 6, 2011

Last Year's Winner: 2010 First Place Macintosh Apple Pie, Submitted by Kim Carey!

That’s right, our Apple Pie Baking Contest is right around the corner! This year’s date is Saturday October 15th at 12 noon. So, dig out grandma’s old standby recipe or come up with a new crowd-pleaser, because this contest is the most widely-attended event of the fall! Start practicing now and plumping up your family and friends with your test-run pies. And if you happen to have any extra we’re always willing to “dispose” of them down here at the farm…

The Rules:

1. Pies must be at least 8″ in diameter. This ensures there is an adequate portion for our judges to taste.

2. Pie must be at the farm for judging by 11:45am on Saturday.

3. Pies must arrive with a recipe, specifying which varieties of apples were used. Recipe for the crust should be included as well. We will share recipe on our blog for others to emulate.

4. To enter please register in advance by October 14 with full name and phone number. Either in person with a cashier or via email to

The Prizes:

The prizes this year are awesome, with a few surprises thrown in which will be revealed on the day of the contest. Our first-place contestant will go home with an $100 Gift Card to Volante Farms, a $50 Gift Card to Spiga Restaurant, a $60 Gift Card to Stone Hearth Pizza, a $50 Gift Card to Wasik’s Cheese Shop in Wellesley, and a special prize from Linda at T’ART.

Second-place will take home a $50 Gift Card to Volante Farms, a $25 Gift Card to Spiga Restaurant, a $50 Gift Card to Stone Hearth Pizza, and a $25 Gift Card to Wasik’s Cheese Shop.

And our third-place winner will make out pretty well with a $25 Gift Card to Volante Farms and a $50 Gift Card to Stone Hearth Pizza!

And as always, every contestant will receive a coupon good for 10% off their purchases that day.

This Year’s Judges:

So who will decide your pie’s fate? Meet this year’s contest judges!

Robert from Spiga Restaurant: Robert makes killer desserts at his restaurant. (My personal favorite of his  is the bread pudding surrounded in a pool of delicious caramel! Definitely worth a visit!) He also judged our Cooking Contest over the summer and we’re happy to have him back as a judge for our Pie Contest! Of course, it also helps that he happens to love apple pie!

Ivan Pulecio from Stone Hearth Pizza: Ivan is a certified sweet-tooth and is a veteran Apple Pie judge, so he knows the ropes! He has also judged our Customer Cooking Contest in past years. He knows his stuff when it comes to judging food, so bake to impress, contestants!

Linda Amir of T’ART: If you’ve been down here on the weekends throughout the summer you have most likely met Linda – she has been baking tasty desserts for years and now she is selling her successful recipe to the public! Her T’ART mixes have flown off the shelves this summer, so it’s only natural that we invite her to be a judge. She loves to bake, and she’ll be a great pie critic.

Andrea Taber of Ever So Humble Pie Company: If anyone is an expert on pies, it’s Andrea. We have carried her pies for years now and they certainly are popular! Whether you like their regular sized pies, adorable “Cutie Pies”, homemade Hermits, Cookies or Whoopie Pies, you have to agree that Andrea knows how to whip up a tasty dessert!

So a big thank-you to our judges in advance. We know it will be very difficult to eat delicious apple pie for an hour straight, but somebody’s gotta do it!

TO SIGN UP FOR THIS YEAR’S CONTEST, simply send an email with your full name and phone number to!

For a copy of last year’s winning pie recipe, click here!

Speaking of apples, we have a bunch of new varieties this week!

Northwest Greening

A couple of heirloom varieties have made their way into Bay 1 of the greenhouse. Northwest Greening is a beautiful green all-purpose apple and is an excellent keeper.

Golden Russet is a rustic-looking green apple that is also great for baking and eating.

Golden Russet


My personal favorite (at least at the moment, that is) is Fortune. It has a unique spice to it similar to a mulled apple cider.


Jonagold is another extremely popular apple which is sweet and crisp. People have been asking for them, and now they’ve arrived!

Now that apples are coming in full-blast, it means we have to say goodbye to the peaches. Our favorite summer treat has produced well this year but, alas, its season is over. We have Bill from Sunnycrest Orchards to thank for all of the tasty peaches, nectarines, and plums throughout the summer. Bill also brings us many of the apples we carry this time of year from his orchard in Sterling, Massachusetts. The other apples come from Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis, New Hampshire. We are committed to bringing you the freshest local produce day after day – you’ll be able to tell the difference when you bite into each tasty, crisp apple.

We also have tasty Bosc Pears, a treat from Brookdale in Hollis, New Hampshire! These native pears are great as a snack, sliced thin atop a salad, or incorporated into desserts. In my opinion, pears are underappreciated this time of year because of the bounty of apples that is available. Give these underdogs a chance and you’ll be surprised at how delicious they are!

In the greenhouse we have a plethora (yes, a plethora) of mums! All different sizes and colors are available. With the warmer weather predicted for this weekend, it’s the perfect time to get out and plant!

In addition to all of our fall favorites, we have put a few items on sale this week!

All Fall Pansies = $3.99!

All Fall Pansies are $3.99/pot! We have 8″ Snow Angel Pansies (that will rebloom in the Spring) and 6.5″ fall pansies both available for the price of $3.99. What a steal! Plant them for some nice fall color in your gardens or containters this weekend!

Half-Off All Tropical Plants like this Red Mandevilla!

All Tropical Plants are HALF OFF! We know it may not feel “tropical” outdoors, but these plants overwinter nicely if you have space in your home for a leafy roommate. Though it may not pay you rent through the winter, it will certainly pay off next year when you have a gorgeous tropical plant on your patio to admire. We mostly have mandevilla and hibiscus left, with a few other plants tucked in there, too.

Fall decorating is in full-swing and we have everything you need, starting with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! We have indian corn, corn stalks, twig wreaths, festive halloween lights, winter squash, baskets, plants… the list goes on and on! Our newest addition this week is decorative hay! As always, we have our saltmarsh hay that is weed-free and great for mulching your gardens for $9.99 a bale. But now we have decorative bales in two sizes! The full-size decorative is $8.99 and the mini bale (great for small spaces) is $6.99. These are not intended for mulching but are perfect for decorating your home for the season.

Hay-there, how’s it goin?! Decorative full-size bale on Left, and mini-bale on Right

So, enjoy this weekend’s forecasted warm weather and don’t forget to sign up for the Apple Pie Baking Contest! Who knows… this year the winner could be YOU!

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