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A Cornucopia of Offerings

September 20, 2011

Yes, I’ve been slacking lately. And Ryan seems to have brought his A game with the past four posts… it’s time for me to catch up! Since Friday is the official start to Autumn, I figured this would be the perfect time to show you all what we have to offer during this fine season. Ryan has given great updates about the field and construction, so I’ll focus on what is going on in the farmstand and greenhouse (well, I guess it’s just the greenhouse now, right?)

Steve the Fish Man with his catch of the day!

Perhaps our most notable (and popular) addition to our Fall offerings would be our Fish CSF. Every Monday our entire crew waits in excitement for the delivery to arrive. All day we debate about what we’re going to make with our fish that night and the next night and the next night… When the coolers finally show up it’s just like Christmas! Instead of Santa bringing a bag of toys we have Steve the Fish Man with his coolers of cod. (He even has a beard!)

This all sounds really ridiculous, but it’s true. We get pretty excited about these things around here. There is still time to sign up if you are interested. Just head over to and check it out!

seckle pears – perfect for baking or snacking!

Another thing that we have started up again is our Apple Sampling! You know it’s getting to be prime apple season when you see Carrie under the tent with her bite-sized samples of apple varieties that you can’t find in the supermarket. And no, we won’t be offended if you have to try each kind – how else will you find your favorite?! All of the apples we sell through the fall are from Massachusetts and New Hampshire and are fresh-picked right before they’re delivered. We get multiple deliveries each week, so keep your eye out for your favorite kinds. And here’s a little insider apple information only released to our bloggers: Macouns are coming in TODAY! Yes, it is officially apple season.

Alas, with all the great news about Macouns comes a bit of sad news. Peaches and Nectarines are really starting to dwindle at this point in the season. Our supply will be less consistent as the days go on, but we will get the peaches to you whenever we can! Now’s the time to make your last-minute peach jam or start canning them so that you can enjoy them in the winter.

don't they look beautiful?

Another thing you can add to your jam or pie are Massachusetts Cranberries! We just received our first batch of them today out of Carver, Mass! They look so tasty – I can’t wait to bake with them! Rest assured that new cranberry-related recipes will be up shortly.

what a nutty squash… hahahaha

decorative swan gourds

If you haven’t seen it already, you need to stop in and check out our Peanut Squash, which we have lovingly dubbed the “Scary Pumpkin”. This attractive winter squash looks gnarly enough to scare away trick-or-treaters! If you can believe it, many people have asked whether Peanut Squash is edible, and while we don’t know for sure, we have been told that it is grown more for decorative purposes so the flavor probably isn’t very impressive. Luckily, we have a great selection of more palatable squashes that Ryan has blogged about over the past couple weeks. Our varieties include spaghetti, butternut, acorn, estrella, speckled hound, butter cup, blue hubbard, mini orange hubbard, mini green hubbard, neck pumpkin, lakota, ambercup, and others that are perfect for dinner! We also have sugar pumpkins to cook with and regular pumkins to carve!


ornamental hot peppers

As always, our mums are coming in weekly with a variety of other plants as well. We will be getting in fresh shipments of plants before the weekend so that we will be fully-stocked once again with beautiful fall bloomers. We have everything you need to replace your summer containers that may be looking a little worn out at this point. Summer plants have bloomed continually throughout the hottest months, so it’s time to give them a break and let the cold-weather lovers have their chance in the sun. Feel free to ask one of us for help if you don’t know quite the combination you’re looking for – we’d love to assist you in designing your mixed containers and gardens. Corn stalks are also the perfect decoration for your front steps and we have bunches of them for sale at $6.99 a bunch.

To protect your garden through the winter we recommend our salt marsh hay from Colby Farms in New Hampshire. We have a good amount of it in stock that you can use to keep your tender plants cozy. What’s great is that it is weed-free so you don’t have to worry while spreading it over your garden.
“Scaredy Cat Mix” Pansies… see the whiskers?

We  have received our shipment of spring-blooming bulbs as well! We have tons of them for you to choose from – daffodills, tulips, allium, hyacinth, muscari – in every color. And if you don’t know exactly which combination you want, don’t worry! There are beautiful pre-mixed combinations of peaches, purples, and pretty much any color you can think of. No matter which kind you choose, they are sure to please you in the spring when you’re looking forward to some color in your garden! Honestly though, how great is that feeling when the first bulbs bloom?? You know what I’m talking about.

Near the checkout counters you can find a big table of halloween and fall necessities! This includes pumpkin scoops and carving tools, creepy spider webs, festive strands of lights, and crazy halloween headbands! Be sure to check it out and get your tools early – they are known to sell out!

In other news, The Owl Has Landed.

perhaps a little daunting when they’re all staring at you…

But, seriously. How could you resist these little stone creatures?! Our stone owls have flocked their way in again and they appear to be cuter than ever. They have already caused traffic jams in the greenhouse with customers ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each one’s different personality. They are great for around the home and especially in the garden, hiding behind a perennial or shrub. Buy one as a housewarming gift or take one home for yourself while they last!

look into his eyes and tell this fella you don't want to take him home with you... I dare you.


“C’mon guys… wanna play chicken?!”

Speaking of birds, with the cooler temperatures come our dear friends the Canadian Geese (please note my heavy sarcasm). With that being said, Wily has had his paws full chasing them away each day. It seems that he doesn’t even have to chase them anymore. The geese spot him coming down the hill and they take off! Wily doesn’t seem to mind, but I think he would enjoy more of a challenge every once in a while. Geesh.

 Well! I guess that about concludes our whirlwind trip around the farm and all the new stuff we have going on. Now let’s quickly catch up on this weekend’s events.

This weekend we have Masona Grill from West Roxbury stopping by to cook for us. The Cooking Demo starts at 11 this Saturday. After the demo we will have the folks from Our Favorite Dressings down here to sample from noon until 2pm!

Then on Sunday Linda from T’Art will be back to sample out sweet and savory tarts. The savory tart was a hit last time, so she’ll be back with more! T’Art isn’t just for dessert anymore.

Hope to see you down here for our events this weekend, though I’m sure you Macoun lovers out there will stop by before then. In the next few weeks I’ll be adding more recipes to our recipe page here on the blog, so be sure to keep checking that as well.

Hope you have a great week, and we’ll see you soon!

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