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Cortland apples arrive under the Harvest Moon

September 15, 2011

Cortland and Mutsu apples arrived earlier this week livening up an already active apple display. Many of you whose apple pie recipe is dependent on a reliable Cortland can now get your pie plates greased up for the weekend. Sweater weather feels like it is rolling in, and those optimistic among us can’t fail to be excited about all the soups and baking in the near future. Certainly I won’t be turning down the prospect of a warm piece of breakfast pie with my coffee on a mosquito-free back porch as soon as it is available.

Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant have been  putting on a real strong showing in these final summer days. We had nearly written off the tomato crop when lo and behold it provided 70 bushels of plums and heirlooms this week. So for anyone who was turned away by our empty heirloom department in the past week, take heart and stop back in. The plants may really be done for the season now, but what we have picked is rather remarkable considering how stressed the plants have been by the weather.

Heirlom Tomatoes back for a limited time!

Peppers really love this time of year, the colors are more intense and the weight of them is unbelievable. They are ripening faster by the day and ready to lend themselves to stuffing, roasting, chili and stew and all sorts of late summer fare.

Cornettas are a Volante exclusive, fall in love with these now and come back in the spring to get your own to grow.

Mr. Volante’s Cornettas have experienced a resurgence of popularity this year  it seems. This slender bright red sweet Italian pepper is perfect for frying and roasting. Ferdinand Volante was famous for his, in the classic recipe of olive oil, a little salt a little garlic. I guarantee that will work for you too, no need to even de-seed them unless you really prefer to.

Hot peppers are also having a banner year, in the field and in popularity. We are growing 7 types of hots at all degrees along the Scoville Scale. Some are perfect for chomping right into, others are best in tiny fiery quantities, make sure you know which you are after!

Hot Portugal, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Serrano del Sol, Jamaican Yellow Wax, Scotch Bonnet, and Holy Mole run the gamut in heat in spice.

Fall Broccoli and Cauliflower is coming in now as well. The broccoli crop seems really strong and should provide for several weeks to come. The cauliflower crop is less ample do the various tropical storm rains that settled in that part of the field. But what we do harvest will make it out to the stand as soon as it is ready. We again have a variety of cauliflowers to complement our standard white varieties. These include two purples Violet Queen and Graffiti, orange-tinted Cheddar, and spikey-green Romanesco.

Cauliflower is dipping a hesitant toe into the stand. It prefers cooler and drier times.

You will notice the corn that was growing at the home field has been plowed under this week, we have moved on to the Standish field for the remainder of the season. Currently we have been picking several types of corn including butter and sugar types Providence and new entrant Primus, all-white Argent, and a new all-yellow super sweet corn Honey Select.

Oh and of course it is pumpkin and cider season, so those two critical fall accessories are here to get you in the mood.

Farmstand construction is moving right along. The foundation and footings for the main retail area were poured this week, so the initial shape of the final building will soon become apparent. I have fielded many questions about the plans over the last week, so a few of the most common answers would be as follows:

The retail portion of the new stand will start to rise up very soon from this foundation, in front of the steel frame prep area.

The house on the corner and the adjacent green barn at the entrance will be removed as part of the final plan. By the time we are open for Christmas trees this winter those structures should be gone, but in the meantime we are still using the barn for restrooms and cold storage and the house is providing access to the necessary water and power utilities.

On that note, we will be open for Christmas trees and Poinsettias and other decorations as we have for decades. The setup may shift a bit but will operate out of the Greenhouse as it has the past few years.

The parking lot has been very crowded lately, as we are currently filling it with employee vehicles, construction vehicles and building materials, and also  you fabulous customers who are not being pushed away by the apparent chaos. There is usually parking available toward the exit, and of course parking along Forest Street is available and accessible via stairs. As construction continues we will shift the current entrance further along Forest St. to help with that busy intersection, and also add a  new entrance directly from Central Avenue.

Our friendly neighborhood Red Tail has been less present this year but just as socialable when he does show. Lynne snapped this photo from a few feet away on this Tuesday's foggy morning and he didn't mind the attention at all.

As always thank you for being patient and also for continuing to show up and shop with us, we are thrilled to see your support and to hear your comments. It helps us to know we are hopefully on the right track with this project that so many of you are continuing to come in so regularly.


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