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Honeycrisp Apples are in (along with several others)

September 5, 2011

Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, we know you ate well at least. The only constant for us this past weekend was that anything and everything we picked was on the way out the door as soon as it was washed and ready. That is great, and we are really thrilled that the construction doesn’t seem to be deterring too many of you.

While I can deny the onset of Fall as long as I want, the swamplands surrounding our Standish fields have already started to show the reds and bronzes of autumn. We'll just call them precocious.

Like I said last week, the switch to fall produce has begun, with winter squash and broccoli cuddling up next to the cucumbers and corn. We are loving the space in the greenhouse where there is actually room for all these treats indoors. But as the apples continue there march toward seasonal dominance even the greenhouse will be bulging at the seams.

We have already started to get in some of your favorites like Macintosh and Honeycrisp, plus many heirloom and hot new varieties.

This week on the stand we are offering

As always be sure to check back with our apple guide if you want some help remembering a favorite or planning that perfect apple pie.  I’ll try to add these new varieties to that list soon too. Apple variety availability changes frequently while supplies last and as the season extends. If your favorite isn’t available one day check back soon as we get deliveries from our local orchards almost everyday.

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