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20 Minutes or Less

August 24, 2011

Yup – all of that happened in 20 minutes.

the claw

Hard to believe, right? The guys from SAGE Engineering said they’d be gentle… if this is gentle I don’t want to know what the alternative is! A few passers-by stopped and took in the scene on Monday as we watched the demolition in solemn respect for the building that has served us so well for thirty years.

X marks the spot... of demolition.

Also missing from our landscape is Greenhouse 14 which was taken down Tuesday morning. It’ll take a little while to get used to the lack of buildings, but in just a few weeks we’ll see some serious progress on the front half of our new building which will serve as our retail area. The retaining walls for our basement ramp and the floor of the back room prep area have been poured. Currently the crew is leveling out the ground and getting ready to dig the foundation for the front retail area of the new farmstand. The retail area boasts two-story post and beam barn-like construction which will carry the same rustic feel as our old farm stand. The new building is kind of like a “minor facelift” to our farm. Okay, maybe not so minor. But you get my point.

Our new “greenhouse farmstand” creation has been working really well thus far – we’ve received positive feedback about the unique setup and how much natural light is present, creating a nicer shopping experience. (The added elbow room doesn’t hurt, either!) As the weather gets cooler it will only get better, too – the breeze blowing in the past few days

retaining walls for our basement ramp - Greenhouse 14 still hangs on in the distance, this picture taken less than 24 hours before its demise. I think I'm getting a little too dramatic with these captions...

has been great! We are starting to get in all sorts of locally-grown apples which is another reminder that the cool weather is approaching. For those of you who long for the heat of summer, don’t fear! We still have tons of summer crops in our fields that we’re picking daily. We currently have an incredible selection of heirloom tomatoes that embody the tastiness of summer, so come in and claim some for yourself!

This Saturday (Aug 27th) we have yet another event planned for you – and as always, it’s free! Dave Becker from Sweet Basil Restaurant is coming to do a Cooking Demonstration at 11am, but if you know anything about Dave you know that he’ll most likely be fashionably late. (Don’t tell him I said that!) This Demo is usually one of our most popular – think of it as a cooking show AND comedy show rolled into one stellar performance. He’ll get you laughing and eating samples of what he’s cooking – what else could you ask for?!

On Sunday the 28th we’ll have Linda down here again from T’ART. You’ll be able to sample her fruity dessert from about 10am until noon. She’ll also show us that T’ART isn’t just for dessert anymore – she’ll be making savory tarts with vegetables and cheese! Sounds delicious, right? Come and taste it for yourself!

Overall a very emotional week down here at the farm, but we are all optimistic about the new structure! Come down and see the progress for yourself… it’s quite amazing! Things are changing every day!

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  1. P. Carter permalink
    August 24, 2011 2:49 pm

    Ahhhh, but I was there for the FIRST teardown of the original stand!! No surprise that Volantes continues to grow! 😉

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