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We’ve Moved…

August 16, 2011

John with two thumbs up, around 11pm

We did it! We moved our farmstand into the greenhouse last night… and our moving crew was super speedy. Fueled by pizza, brownies, cookies, and some delicious peanut butter cups dropped off by Ryan mid-move, we finished up and were heading home by 11:30pm! Whew!

John asleep, around 11:02 pm - haha!

We think you’ll love our new setup in Bay 2 – tons of space to shop, complete with – (GASP!) – wide aisles!!! Plus, being right in the same space as all our beautiful flowers will give you the feeling of being outside in a European market! Or at least that’s how we feel, so let us know how you like it!

Our register setup is the same as it is during the Christmas season, too – so nothing new there. The vegetables and fruits are essentially in the same order as in the old farmstand – we kept it simple as to not confuse everyone!

This is our Farmstand in Bay 2! The shade curtain on the roof of the greenhouse, lots of ice, and these additional green umbrellas help to keep our veggies cool!

All of the peaches, apples, and other things you usually find under the tent will be located right at the front of Bay 1.

Upcoming events:

This Saturday! August 20th – Center Cafe Cooking Demo @ 11am

Saturday August 27th – Sweet Basil Cooking Demo @ 11am

Saturday September 17th – Center Cafe is coming back for another Cooking Demo @ 11am

Saturday September 24th – Masona Grill Cooking Demo @ 11am

This is Bay 1 which will serve as our new "tent area" featuring Peaches right now and all of our Apples later in the season

**More events will be announced as the season goes on – so keep checking your emails and this blog!

To those of you still waiting for recipes to be posted from this weekend’s Customer Cooking Contest, NO I haven’t forgotten about you! I have posted the two winning recipes (previous blog entry). You can also find these two recipes by clicking on the “Recipes” link at the top of your screen.

I am planning on updating the Recipe section and adding all the contest entries to that link within the week. Sorry for the delay, but as you can tell from this post things have been a little nutty around here lately! Haha!

Hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy this break from the rain!!! I know we will! See you down here soon at our new Farmstand location!

The Moving Crew! Woo Hoo! (Nice face, Steve)...

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