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Sign Up For Our Customer Cooking Contest!

August 9, 2011

As the title suggests, we have yet another event going on this weekend!

Heirlooms have started to come in from the field!

This Saturday August 13th is our 6th Annual Farm Field Day and we’re holding our highly-anticipated Customer Cooking Contest at 11am! This year your judges are Head Chef Robert from Spiga Restaurant, Head Chef Vanessa from Center Cafe, and last year’s contest winner Doug Motchok! It is sure to be a lot of fun and rumor has it that the Needham Times will be down at some point in the day to cover the event! You’ll win bragging rights AND fame. Tempting, isn’t it?!

Just a few simple rules:

1. your recipe must contain Volante Farms Homegrown veggies/fruit

2. you must bring enough of the dish for all judges to sample

3. you must bring a copy of your recipe with you

And that’s it! So what are you waiting for?! There are over $250 local gift cards up for grabs to our winners for this year, so sign up today! PLUS everyone who participates gets a nice 10% off coupon for all your purchases that day!

All you have to do is pre-register by sending an email to with your name and phone number or just filling out a form with a cashier!

Also going on during Farm Field Day are our awesome Field Tours which will be lead by your favorite farmers at 10am, 12 noon, and 2pm. This is the perfect opportunity to ask them all your tricky farming questions – and to get to know the guys who really grow your food! You can see where we’re picking certain crops now, how we operate, and get a feel for the everyday happenings in the field.

We’ll be sampling out Crescent Ridge Ice Cream on Saturday too, as a look ahead to what we’ll be selling next year in our new farmstand! (You’ll know where to find me all day!)

That being said, this will be our last weekend in our current farmstand… so make sure to drop by and help us to commemorate the building we have

Cucumbers! Freshly picked... it's pickling season!

grown in for 30 years. Starting on Tuesday August 16th, we will have moved all of our farmstand operations to Bay 2 of our eco-friendly greenhouse. We will keep selling all the usual products we sell and we will close as usual on October 31st. We will reopen as we have in the past the day after Thanksgiving to sell all of our Christmas-related items as well. So really, the only thing that is changing for the next couple months is our location.

The best part? Next Spring we will open in our new farmstand and we’ll remain open year-round!

We’ll keep you abreast of all these changes happening on the farm. We once again thank you for sticking with us through this somewhat crazy year! You  have to admit though – it’s been exciting!

Hope to see you down at the farm this weekend and many to come… have a great week!

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