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Quick Update!

July 30, 2011
Steve took this picture on his way over to Greenways to pick corn this morning – the dew and rising sun gave our new asparagus field a very ethereal glow. First pick will be Spring 2013 – yikes!

securing each beam

The construction is moving right along and we’ve started seeing some main support beams erected in the back half of the building. 


steel beams transported via crane

This picture to the left is the view from down the field… what a gorgeous day! You can see our new greenhouses that we built last fall (L) and the big glass retail greenhouse (R). In the middle, the crane!

Japanese-style Methley Plums. Great for baking and cooking, too!

Peaches have started arriving from Sunnycrest Orchards in Sterling, Mass! Everyone is very excited… these guys are the sweetest peaches you’ll ever eat! They’re FANTASTIC! Along with regular yellow Peaches, we also have some White Peaches and some sweet little Methley Plums, the Japanese-style fruit that is oh-so-yummy and bite-sized!

On a different note, today we have Spiga Restaurant coming down for a cooking demo at 11am… bring your curious taste buds!
Next weekend we have our annual Corn Festival from 10am-4pm. This event is a crowd pleaser as we boil up some of our fresh-picked homegrown corn and you can taste the difference for yourself!
Many more great events to come this summer and into the fall, so keep checking back.
Have a great day and hope to see you soon!!!
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