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Broccoli Is Special Too

July 13, 2011

Breaking News! Homegrown Corn is finally on the farm stand and ready to eat! Had to include this picture:

our corn table filled with Temptation corn! hurry in and grab some of the first pick of the season!

We also have a great broccoli special going on – only $1.29 a pound for gorgeous freshly-picked heads the size of your head. (See picture below).

this terrible picture is here to illustrate the size of our broccoli... my father was both the photographer and the main motivation behind blogging it... so MANY thanks to him.

THIS SATURDAY we have Stone Hearth Pizza coming to do a cooking demonstration! They’ll be grilling their summer favorite: Tomato and Corn Pizza! This pizza will be made with our homegrown corn – if you’ve never tried it at their restaruant before, you’ll DEFINITELY want to try it on Saturday for FREE! It’s delicious! One of my personal favorites in fact. They will also be making their green bean salad which is a big hit in their restaurant.

Hope to see you down here this weekend and for our other great events to come.
Happy shucking!
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