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What’s all that Racket?

June 22, 2011

The employee parking lot on Central Ave. has a little different topography these days.

It has been a little loud and chaotic at the farmstand this week. You might have noticed the looming piles of loam and gravel up near Central Ave. or perhaps the ear-piercing beeping of the back up alarms. No? We did. But the progress is amazing. The basement of the new stand is nearly excavated, with a footing  almost poured. There are lots of conditionals in that sentence but we are weaving around a few remaining obstacles. The largest of which are the existing farmstand, which we will still be operating in for a few to 6 weeks, and the old boiler room, coal room, and block house which are just waiting for their demolition permit to come through.

Just waiting for their Demo permit, the excavators have all but removed the soil from underneath some of the oldest buildings on the farm. These have served as heating centers, offices, worker housing, and all sorts of storage since and before the Volantes moved to Needham 50 years ago.

It is really exciting right now, as right out our back door we can see the footprint of the new building taking shape. There is plenty of visibility for customers as well as the safety fence lines the main walkway to the greenhouse. So if you have any little ones at home that can’t get enough of big earth moving machines now is the time to bring them by to get a glimpse.

Peas and sugar snaps are keeping a taste of spring in the air for a while to come.

We moved steadily into the second crop of peas and should have them regularly for a while now. Strawberries are still strong, we will have to see how this late week wet spell treats them though. Summer squash, zucchini, and pickle cukes have started to trickle in as expected, giving some real summer flavor to the farmstand. In other exciting news the first beans of the season seem to be blowing up into ripeness, and while I can’t make any promises they seem like they will want to be picked this weekend. Having tasted a handful of the early green beans already, wow, worth the long winter’s wait.

Speaking of waiting, we have been waiting way too long to thank all of you for your continued support over the last year and in advance for  the summer ahead. So this Saturday from 10-4 please join us for our annual Customer Appreciation Day. Stop in and join us and many of our favorite vendors as they share their wares with you with free samples and a little insight into the care and art that goes into making our baked goods, desserts, sauces, dips, and more!

These summer beans will be ready any day, so start to plan your menus accordingly.

Our huge plant sale is still going, including drastic  mark downs on most hangers and annual packs and 20% off shrubs and roses.  Plus, if you are one of our email subscribers, don’t forget to print and use your coupon soon! They expire at the end of June.

Our latest strawberry connoisseur. She makes a daily trip through the strawberry patch. Can't blame her.

For those of you missing our egg hatch watch 2011, know that act 2 is still ongoing. Well while those little killdeer puff-balls roll around the upper fields, these eggs are still waiting for their day to shine down in the bean fields.

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