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Happy Father’s Day

June 19, 2011

Killdeer hatchlings a few hours after the fourth cracked through.

Hope yours was grand. Perhaps the nicest day for weather we have had all year. And as a special treat we welcomed a new father and mother to the farm today. Yeah, I don’t have much news tonight, but the greenhouse’s killdeer hatched over a few hours this morning much to everyone’s excitement. They little puffballs went from huddled en masse to running through the field by the end of the day. It was pretty joyful to watch their first steps, while mom and dad had a whole new type of stress to manage.

Mom keeps a watchful and wary eye, as first steps are taken. A lot to do in one day.

In produce news, strawberries are still coming in strong, and apologies for the shortages of peas this weekend. The break between the two varieties has been greater than we hoped, but if the warmth and sun sticks we should be into the next ones very shortly. We will bring them in as soon as they fill out, probably in three or four days.

There is still plenty of other treats to come in for. We have started bringing in swiss chard and will start to see summer squash from our fields soon too.

Out on its own after a few hours outside the egg. Time to find some food.

Hope you has a wonderful weekend, and can’t wait to see you in soon!

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