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Summer’s here and the time is right

June 8, 2011

For strawberries to eat!

And all sorts of other produce too. So this is our official last summer opening of produce season ever. This time next year we will have already been carrying produce for a few months. Change is on the horizon to be sure. if you haven’t been down lately you may not even recognize the place. The number of structures missing is now rivaling the amount still standing, but most importantly the greenhouse is still full of gorgeous flowers and the stand, for the time being has been transformed one final time into a produce wonderland.

When we open Thursday we will have all the wonderful baked goods and jams and jellies you have been missing. We will have a full line of vegetables and fruit, seasonal and tropical both. And to everyone’s joy we will have homegrown produce as well.

We will have an assortment of leaf and head lettuce available bright and early. Everything in the first crop isn’t ready yet, but there will be some sharp-looking Salad Bowl and Flashy Trout Back heads available. We will also continue to have our special early scallions, or young onions, fresh and spicy. Rhubarb is available and mint and dandelion greens should make an appearance as well. Spinach is struggling to beat the heat, but should be around. Radishes are literally bursting in the ground, so we want to get those on your plate as soon as possible.

And of course Strawberries are at their absolute peak. Really amazing right now. And we fully expect to have peas by noon tomorrow as well. They have been swelling up all week and with this heat wave should be sweet and perfect as can be.

With produce season new hours come as well. We are now open 9-6:30 Monday through Friday, and 9-6 on weekends.

Not even skeletons remain, greenhouses 1-4 are gone. More to go later this week.

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