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June Update, a miscellany

June 1, 2011

Killdeer Update: since our little local nester has gotten so much attention she has calmed down a little bit. She even let me take a picture after lunch today. Her hotspot of a nest is really baking in this heat, she actually seems to be standing over the eggs and shading them more than keeping them warm.

There is really so much going on at the farm this week it is hard to focus. The greenhouses are hopping and emptying. The fields are beginning to bulge with fruit. And in the midst of this we have begun the next phase of the Farm Stand Renovation Project.

Mike and Jay haul off the last pieces of Greenhouse #2. One of the oldest on the farm, it was last renovated in the early 90's. Now it is being subdivided into junk we have to pay to get rid of and junk people will pay for. And of course junk with emotional attachment that we will hold on to.

Apparently there were some tornadoes rolling around the area this evening. Just to be on top of things we took our trees down early. That way you don’t have to clean them up later.  I am actually writing now before I get in to see what kind of damage the storms managed overnight in the morning, should help me sleep easier.

The lack of alarming phone calls always bodes well. But really we were just prepping the back section of the farm stand for its face lift. Greenhouse #2 more or less disappeared over the last 2 days, and it seem #3 will follow quickly.

That green you see is the early corn, already knee-high and getting its first feed and cultivation of the season. This is the busy season when we are planting winter squash in one field and weeding corn in a another. Everything happens at once.

As customers you should notice very little of  this change for the time being. the next change of note is our change over to produce next thursday, June 9th.  This is at least one you are used to and hopefully look forward to as much as us. We hope to open with strawberries, scallions, beet greens, and baby greens, and in the very near future we should see some peas, maybe even before next thursday!? Want to be the first in line? That’s why the farm has a twitter account, doubtless our followers there will be the first to know. Be one of them too.

There are still loads of amazing perennials and annuals  coming in regularly to the greenhouse, many are just starting to enter the height of their blooming season, especially the Iris, Delphinium, and Larkspur which are available in stunning specimens. To see these and even more check out the new album over on our facebook page.

In new pushy bird news, the Red-Winged Blackbirds have made their obnoxious return to the fields in time for the peas to ripen. And this little guy decided to play 'chicken' with my tractor in the middle of Standish Road. Or is it playing Ruffed Grouse? Anyone want to ID it for me? Sorry for the poor cell phone pic, but this was a new neighbor I had to find out about.

These Larkspur and Delphinium are some of the showy examples you can pick up now to add some instant flash to your garden.

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