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The heat is on!

May 26, 2011

And it is awesome! You all know it, we’ve seen you down here all week. It’s just like I remember Spring being, warm and sunny and busy.

The tomato crop sees its first sun since it went in the ground. It has greened up already and is enjoying the heat.

So as a little incentive, it’s time to announce our annual Pottery Sale! For a limited time while we prepare for the switch over to produce, (isn’t that a sweet sound) nearly all pots and pottery and gardening accessories are on sale, 20% off!

Our second crop of field lettuce, moments before it went out to the field for transplant. Ready to eat in about a month!

Have you missed out on your beloved pansies? This is the 300th anniversary of Needham this year, lest we forget, and there is no better way to show your town pride than by putting out a few pansies, the official town flower, round your door. We still have a few packs and patio pots available and several hangers. And they are all marked way down, up to 50% off. Get them while they last.

The Fuchsia hangers came on a little late this year, but maybe their timing is perfect? Now that we know where the shade and sun in our gardens are we can put these strong shade performers in their place.

Out in the field we have been busy as well. We finished planting the tomato crop today and put the cucumbers in a few days ago. Our third crop of corn went in today, and second lettuce crop recently as well. Tomorrow should be the right time to put the pepper and maybe eggplant crop in, as long as the field is dry enough. It really hasn’t been that long since all that rain. Amazing how one day of sun can make it seem so far away though.  We will need to plow and prepare more land by the end of the week if this pace keeps up and we will have almost all our long-term crops in by the end of next week.

This week marks your last chance ever to shop in our littlest greenhouse, good old #2. Once this crop of petunias and lobelia heads out the door the hoops will come down to make way for the next phase of farm stand renovations.

Speaking of long-term crops, we finally got our asparagus crop in the field, so just you wait, in 2-3 springs from now we will be rolling in green (and some purple) spears. This is an exciting addition to help us extend the season on the early side, for as you know, by this time next year we hope to be offering produce year-round.

We are trying a few new moves in our crop rotation this year. One includes putting the early peas at the Standish Road fields. We traditionally have problems with geese here, but the soil is so rich we are chancing it. And behold, we made it to blossom stage, so another right around the corner treat.

Also new this year we are trying our hand at parsnips. I seeded them earlier this week while putting in some more carrots and beets. They will take nearly twice as long to reach maturity however, so right around the end of the season we should have something new to offer.

The farm stand was carrying some wonderful MA grown parsnips last fall and they were a huge hit, so we thought we should give them  shot. the good news is we know a farm that does them well, so if we fall short you will still be able to get them this fall!

Brussel Sprouts seem to be enjoying their new home at our Standish Fields. If this year is as dry as last summer it will be nice to have them in soil that is more dirt than rock for a change.

Spring has also brought on the wildlife. Our neighborhood pests are moving out of the woods to check us out: deer, coyotes, geese, turkeys, woodchucks and more. But some of our perennial friends have returned as well. Only pests in their decibel levels, the Killdeer have had a great nesting season in the field, with two broods hatching already and a new one laid this week. For a change we’ve got a real smart cookie laying her eggs right up next to the greenhouse, far from impending tractors. She is giving the customers and staff a workout, and keeping on the run, but I think we will see a good hatch here in a few weeks.

Our newest clutch off Killdeer eggs, in a brief quiet moment while mom was off feeding.

This is an already blown up image of the gravel along the greenhouse, that the previous photo of eggs shows. Can you spot the nest?

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  1. Vicki Bean permalink
    May 26, 2011 9:40 pm

    Great photos as usual and the one of the nest…shocking that you saw that at all. We have more birds in our birdhouses this year. We have 4 houses and all are occupied. Love watching them.

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