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Full Speed Ahead

May 20, 2011

The Greenhouse has finally seen the light and is raising its roof to meet the sun. Inviting, no?

We can look at the lack of information lately in two ways. One is this wonderful spring weather, which means we haven’t had a whole lot going on. Or it could be that things are booming along so well we can’t keep up to update you. Okay really it is a mix of the two.

The strawberries have loved the rain, now if they get a chance to dry out they can plump up and turn red for you in just a few weeks time.

We have been getting so much rain it’s been hard to stay above ground while the mud seeps into our boots, but we’ve managed and we have even gotten a lot of plants in the ground this week.

This unsightly view is the inside of the zucchini tunnel. We cover the squash and tomato crops with this row cover to help speed it along when sunny days do arrive.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts went in over the weekend and the bulk of our tomatoes hit the beds on Monday. In between showers,  summer squash and zucchini made it in and is looking pretty happy. So only a few more major crops to go, peppers and eggplant among them, and now we just need a few good dry days to make it happen.

The first green beans of the year are looking good, healthy and lush under their cover in the field. The paper sheet drawn over them has kept them toasty the last few damp weeks, so they should take off with soon, the weeds too it appears.

So what does all this mean? It means it is time to plant. If we can tramp around through acres of mud, you guys can too. I give you the go ahead. Come on down get your tomatoes, peppers, heck maybe some of those annual flowering numbers we love to sell you as well. There is a vast array of freshly arrived perennials, tropicals, and window box plants to attract the eye.

Our newest trainee, Wily, is learning the ropes of goose patrol. Like all of our employees he is doing his best to learn to walk between the rows and not on the plants. I may need to spread the hot dog incentive plan to the rest of the crew.

Memorial day is right around the corner, let’s meet it and the rest of summer with some full-fledged gardens alright? See you this weekend!

Goose patrol heads home for the night, between the electric deer fence and future cucumber beds.

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