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Hint, hint. Mother’s Day. Soon.

May 4, 2011

This Sunday is Mother’s Day!

This is your first reminder of what will be several. But this would be a good time to hit the print button on your computer and paste a copy of this somewhere you can trip over it for the next few days. Don’t forget. You know what happens then. It’s not good.

Impatiens in GH #8 are all popping at once.

Likewise, maybe you are a mother who needs help dropping hints. Don’t be cagey. Print this out, or forward as an email, but let your family know what you would LOVE to have this Spring. Is it a stunning hanging Ivy Geranium or Fuchsia hanger? Those are both classic Mother’s Day gifts. Or maybe an extravagant mixed basket that you can’t splurge on on your own? Would you love to have a head start on your vegetable garden, some sturdy lettuce greens or herbs?

Bermuda Beach Petunias, beautiful, full and bursting with color in hanging baskets. Maybe this is something you'd like to see this weekend?

Be sure to let them know, we are going to see a lot of dads and kids down here this week who would love to have a clue how to make your day. Take a moment to scroll back through some of our recent photos on here and see what is growing to your liking. Or even better check out our Facebook page  which has the easiest method available to let people know what you like, as there are dozens of currently blooming plants on there in our photo albums. Your kids are on Facebook right?

Turning over corn ground for another year at Greenway's field

In other news, we broke ground on the Greenway’s field off Charles River St this week. It is about time to get our next corn in the ground, which is exciting. It means that there is already corn-growing well under way. Also we are starting to get a handle on the new asparagus crop which will be going in over there to expand our produce season a little earlier into the spring. We are still trying to figure out which parts of the new field want to remain underwater and which want to get some work done.

This field will host our newly established asparagus crop someday. Some drier day.

We have been giving a little fertilizer to the berry crops to get them revved up and we have put up deer fence and bird deterrents around the peas for protection from the wandering wildlife.

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