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Showers, shmowers, why wait for May flowers?

April 24, 2011

As we have been showing you the last few weeks, there are a host of plants blooming already, perennial perfection for your garden that you can plant now for early spring color and that will come back again year after year. Many of these have already been blooming for weeks, with time to spare, so if you really itch to kick the winter blues on out the door every year think about adding some of these to a few spots in your yard.

Choose an early bloomer like yellow Forsythia or the bright purple of the earliest blooming Rhododendron, the P.J.M, for easy visibility from your kitchen or driveway, to be sure to give you a lift. Maybe pick a small part of your perennial garden that you walk by every day regardless of season by a front walk or mailbox for some of these early perennials like Candytuft and Rock Cress. These early perennials don’t invest their energy into lots of growth before flowering as they know they are the only game in town for winter hungry pollen seekers, so you need to keep them handily located so you don’t miss their special precocious shows.

No reason to wait til the heat  to come on. Stop on down before the mad rush of May to choose from our many locally grown and area appropriate perennials.

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