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Garden Troubleshooting Workshop

April 23, 2011

Many thanks to Paul Lopes from UMass Extension Services for coming down today and educating everyone on ways to prevent common garden ailments! He began by talking about how important soil composition is, and that roots need both water and air to grow healthy, strong plants. The enthusiastic group of attendees asked Paul all of their gardening questions, steering the talk toward tomato diseases. He educated the group on blossom end rot and proper watering techniques for lawns and vegetable gardens. Watering mid-day is best, so that the plant leaves have time to dry off before the night sets in. He also mentioned that it’s best to avoid watering first thing in the morning so that the dew has a chance to evaporate.

Composting was another topic of conversation, and Paul offered great tips to the home composter.

If you missed Paul’s talk, not to worry. We have posted links to all the information from his handouts below.

Home Composting – a great guide to help you start composting at home – includes how to compost both yard waste and food waste!

Fertilizing your Vegetable Garden – All the basics, including an explanation of the elements that make up soil, understanding pH, and different ways of applying fertilizer. This guide also has a great section of sypmtoms for nutrient-defficient plants which is helpful to diagnose certain garden problems.

Soil Testing – Want to get your soil tested? If you missed our free soil testing day on the 16th, don’t worry! UMass Amherst offers reasonably-priced soil testing through the mail. It’s easy: just fill out their online form and send your soil in!

Next week’s free workshop is Container Gardening with Dianne Porcello. This workshop is one of the most widely-attended each year! It’s a great way to wrap up this year’s spring workshop schedule, so be sure not to miss it. As always, it will start at 10am in our beautiful greenhouse and you’ll get a 10% off coupon for participating!

Until then, have a great weekend and let’s keep our fingers crossed for sun and warmth next week!

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