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Flowers are always the perfect gift

April 20, 2011

It is a busy week with a host of holiday events. And speaking of hosts, have you been recently or are you expecting to be hosted for a fine meal soon? Don’t forget your attentive and exquisite host. Arrive graciously with a prepped to bloom Easter Lily in hand. Perhaps you know their taste is not quite as austere as the white lily. well there are a wide variety of ready to grab and go gifts down in Volante’s greenhouses. A small pot of pansies or violas are perfect for the season. Spring bulbs such as tulips and daffodils will bring an instant hit of color, and can be planted in the yard for vibrant hues year after year. We even have some luscious perennial mixed pots already grown in and flowering now.

So, what I am saying is there is no excuse. If your mother checks our website too and realizes we were in fact open everyday (except this Sunday) and you still didn’t walk in the door with something to show a little appreciation, well don’t come crying if your lamb is missing its mint jelly. Or did you attend a particularly nice Seder and would like to show your appreciation? Come on down. Let’s start Spring off right, apparently with a lot of guilt from me. Hey if it works. See you soon, and here are some photos of some lovely options.

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