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More than our vegetables are succulent

April 17, 2011

So you have your pansies in the ground I hope. It was a perfect weekend for it, with a little touch of rain to set them in and temperatures they just love. Maybe you even have your yard cleaned and mulched? No? Well you know what comes next then.

But maybe you are itching for more planting. It feels so good to start working the ground in the spring it can be a bit disheartening waiting for those warm “safe-to-plant” days a few weeks away. So what can you do? Perennials! Shrubs! Succulents?

For something fun and different, give a succulent a try. Named for the reserves of water in their leaves and stems, succulents range from aloes and cacti of the deserts to the portulaca and purslane weeds of our fields here in New England. Growing in popularity due to their ease of care, succulents make excellent container plants in and outside of the home. Many of them are ideal for rock gardens and filling the nooks and crannies.

We have beautiful perennial Hens&Chicks, Stonecrop and Sedum for your outdoor garden, as well as some lovely mixed containers of non-hardy varieties for your home with aloes and other types.

Stop in and check out some of these easy on the water options, keeping in mind these April showers aren’t here for ever, but these beauties are ready to grow now.

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