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What are these packets all about?

April 10, 2011


You will find these small packets throughout our greenhouses this spring. What at first may appear to be trash, are actually part of our new biological pest control problem. These packets contain a mixture of bran and two types of mites. One of these mites loves to feed on thrips, which are an insect that damage many types of plants in a variety of ways. The packet continues to work for 8 to 13 weeks from the date stamped on it. This one for example is from February 9, meaning the predatory insects inside are still hard at work this week and for up to 5 more. Right through Mother’s Day perhaps. If you like please take the packet on your plant home where it will continue to protect your plant for weeks to come, or if you prefer a cleaner look, give it to us at the register and we will dispose of it. The sachets are all paper with only insects and bran on the inside, so they will biodegrade in your garden or compost bin.

For more on our fantastic biological control program, click on the page describing it to the right or delve into the previous post, which is a thick and thorough discussion of what we are doing in the greenhouse.

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