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So close you can smell it

March 30, 2011

Spring is here. Pansies are blooming. The greenhouse is bursting and more sprouting beauties are showing up to dress up the edges every day. We have been potting up petunias, tomatoes, and succulents. We are all over the place, making more hangers to swing porch and poolside for you this summer. We are stacking clay, glazed, and plastic pots all over the farm stand. We are piling up the plant food, soil amendments, and mulch. We are bringing out the baskets of gloves and hand tools and flower and vegetable seeds. In short there is a a lot underway and from here on through fall there is no stopping us.

Well there is a nor’easter predicted for this weekend, but come on, it has been more than 10 years since we had a major April snow event, so let’s just ignore this possibility. How? well after you have shoveled out the imaginary snow and dried out from the torrential rains, Saturday should spring up bright and sunny and offer you coffee and donuts and door prizes. Or if it isn’t bright and sunny we’ll offer you those things anyway. Come on down Saturday morning, maybe for our free 10 am workshop on post winter pruning and join us for some coffee and donuts, and walk away with a satisfied sweet tooth and maybe a sweet door prize as well.

Just a few reminders about what it is time to plant. Pansies and violas love cold weather, but no one likes a hard freeze. Any of our greenhouse grown beauties will need to be hardened off with a few mild nights before they can manage a dip below 32. The good news is that after the weekend the forecast has a full week of above freezing temps at night which is great news. We are expecting to get quite a few perennials in this weekend as well and they should all be weather ready.

While you are waiting for timing and weather to coincide in a more favorable way come on down just to spend some time and start to plan your spring and summer gardens. We have an increased array of pottery from a variety of vendors in all the hottest new styles and trends, plus many of your classic and traditional favorites. There are the standard garden accoutrements as well, watering cans (especially in animal shapes this year it seems), trowels, seeds, gloves. Likewise, trellises, window boxes, wooden barrels, and a variety of cute to chic garden statuary to round out the edges of your space.

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