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Super moon, the vernal equinox, and yet …

March 20, 2011

…the prelude to Spring continues.  The first crocus popped up in my yard a few days ago, and the first purple petals began to unfurl this morning. I welcome this as a superb sign to really start thinking about the garden and where it will go this year, as I am sure you do as well. But we need to keep in mind, there is still plenty of  wintry weather ahead. Forecasts for the upcoming week see more depressing snowy rain mixes and some temperatures well below freezing by next weekend. So while I know you are itching to get pansies out and in the ground, it is still far too early around here.

It is however still a great time to use these longer daylight hours to reclaim your gardens from the winter mishaps of matted leaves, broken branches, and snow pile detritus. These few cool days remaining are the perfect time to get some of your winter pruning accomplished. Many plants, especially berries and vines appreciate a strong pruning before the growing season begins. We have pruned our blueberries bushes in last week and will do the same to our few pet grape vines as well. It is getting a little late but this is the time I like to prune my wisteria vines to promote voluminous blooms in late spring as well. It means it is time to start thinking about pruning your roses as well, though it is probably wise to wait til the next cold spell passes.

Just a reminder, there are lots of ways to keep up to date with us here at Volante’s, when we are open and closed. We recently topped 100 followers on Twitter, which has been a great way to spread info to a mobile demographic of local gardeners and shoppers. Likewise our Facebook page is enjoying all the ‘Likes’ it has been receiving and in fact I would suggest it as well as it is home to an exclusive photo album of the freshest blooms we are seeing in the greenhouse as soon as they pop out. A healthy dose of color for your page is never a bad thing. Additionally I would suggest signing up for our email list at With so many ways to contact you we want to make sure you are plugged in to us when we have something new or important to share. With all the changes we are expect in the coming year we don’t want you to miss out on anything.

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