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March waits for no one

March 2, 2011

Pansies and window box plants line the floors while Mother's Day hangers fill the roofs. 40% of this house is already full, double that in the next few weeks.

Despite a slight pause in activity in the greenhouses over the past week, March has crept up on us and all of a sudden things are green all around. With a few fits and starts we are filling every inch of heated space with seedlings and transplants. In the next weeks we will be ramping up quickly. We expect to transplant Impatiens hangers next week and with that will need to open two more greenhouses to make room for them, the first begonias, and some of our first mother geraniums.

Snapdragon seedlings will be ready for transplant next week.

The two new houses I told you about last week are ready to go, just waiting for the ground to thaw enough to get the water lines plumbed in. In the case we are waiting a few months on that, we have a back up plan involving hoses and hauling (not everyone is excited about this part).

The old hayrake surfaces for the first time in months.

It has been great seeing enough of the snowpack melt to recognize the familiar landmarks around the farm. The old hay rake decorating the upper field, the customer wagons dotting the landscape down back, all those Christmas lights strung over everything still when the first snow fell are all peeking through and looking for attention.

As we start to receive shipments of mulch and soil amendments for your outdoors we are also getting the first glimpses of this year’s new pottery selections. You may start to notice it all piling up out in the parking lot as we look for room amid the snow banks.

Greenhouse #1, Dave, and last year’s last ditch effort. It treated us well for decades, we will miss it appropriately as we move forward.

In the very exciting department we will move right into the deconstruction process this week. It has been a long time coming and while some will lament it, others expect to pop some corks at the beginning of the demise of Greenhouse #1. Many of you may have never even noticed it. The shy door hanging at the back of the main farmstand that led you into a once glorified structure of spring Impatiens, fall pumpkins, and Christmas wonderland. It’s dismantling is going to commence in the next weeks, beginning now with the removal of the old benches and irrigation systems. I can’t say enough about how great it will be seeing this flaky mess of paint and rust and water-drips and air-leaks disappear. Only Dave Volante may be more excited, I would think you will see some tweets from him during the process.

So that is what is going on, new beginnings, happy endings, a perfect start to meteorological spring. Next time I want to tell you about the successes of last years inaugural biological pest control program and how we are proceeding on track with it again this year, in new and exciting ways.

A real promise of things to come, one of the first blossoms of the year on a striking Torenia plant.

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