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A change in the weather, for the better

February 22, 2011

Notice the new look? We are all about updating this year. It is our 94th season in farming, 50 years in Needham, we are feeling the need  to spruce up the place a little bit, lest we become staid. So nothing too new for those of you who have been paying attention, but we are well into the next phase of the future of Volante Farms. Once the mounds of snow finish melting, you will see some of these advances.

We have nearly completed the two new growing houses, now named #7 and #8 behind the big glass house. We will open the first of them in the next week or two with snapdragons and geraniums. It has been a lot of work over the last few cold months to keep them heated and clear of snow, but we are happy to have two gleaming and huge houses to fill this year. We have heard about many of our colleagues in the region who have not been as lucky as us with the snow load and  who have lost many of their structures over the last month. The only thing relieving about this is that the many hours of cleaning and breaking the snow off of our houses paid off.

New GH #8 just a few hours work from being plant ready. The 30 x 144 foot house and its partner #7 have roll up sides to aid ventilation, two stage exhaust fans, circulating fans and two hot air gas furnaces each.


We have recently transplanted the pansies, ivy geraniums, fuschias and New Guinea impatiens. Petunias, ageratum and thunbergia are sprouting fast. Thousands of seedling plugs of colorful annuals have been arriving all week awaiting transplant into hangers and window box containers. We are looking at a spectacular opening once all these beauties are in bloom, now just a matter of weeks away.

In the mean time pay attention here, see what else we have gotten up to. Also check back in on our farmstand renovation plans off to the right.  If you aren’t already a subscriber to our email list this would be a great time to join that. Send an email to to join. Certainly we will be blogging here, on Facebook and Twitter as well. We will be doing everything to keep you appraised of what is new and changing to keep your gardening and shopping experience to the same level you have grown accustomed to and hopefully to raise it to another level.


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  1. February 23, 2011 7:56 am

    I can’t wait until Spring gets here. Your greenhouse opening up is one of the things I am most looking forward to….can’t wait!

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