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Open for the holidays!

November 25, 2010

Finally, we are reopening for the Christmas Season Friday November 26 at 9 am. We will be open everyday until Christmas Eve, when we usually close in time for dinner.

Christmas hours: Monday through Friday 9-9

Saturday and Sunday 9-7

You may have seen all the activity around the place this past week. Several truckloads of trees have arrived and with a fair amount of effort left their loads in our fields. We have trees both cut and live, from 1 to 16 feet, and in a variety of varieties. We love this time of year, when our commitment to customer service really can shine. We will help you pick out the perfect tree for your home by teaching you the differences in the different types. All you need to know is how tall you would like your tree to be and we direct you to the appropriate area. Then it is a simple choice between the hundreds or trees we have standing and open for perusal at any given time.  From there we will carry your tree to the cutting station for a fresh cut. For a bit extra we can wrap your tree in disposable netting for easier handling. We will then tie your tree in or onto your vehicle securely with baling twine to make a safe trip home.

Meanwhile you can shop the vast options of our trim-a-tree shop for lights, ornaments, garland, gifts, home decor, and more.  Likewise a full bay of our greenhouse devoted to poinsettias in all colors, perfect for your home or as a hostess gift. We can wrap any plant in a decorative foil of your choice and will always send it out the door in a protective sleeve to ward against cold damage. There is another full bay of bunched branches and berries, and plain and decorated wreaths in sizes from 10″ to 48″. It is just one stop with us to ensure your home is decked to the nines in a matter of no time.

Until we get fully set up and I can upload fancier photos, enjoy this slideshow of day three of tree delivery, when inexplicably two trucks arrived at the same time. Spirits stayed pretty high despite the huge amount of work ahead of us:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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