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Speck-tacular new flavors

September 27, 2010

So, after last week’s depressing post about the end of times and all the disease and pestilence and you know non-summertime that is besetting us, I felt the need to remind us all that there are still new and exciting things to look forward to in the late harvest season.

Speckled Hound Winter Squash

Since so many of the things we are looking at are spots and dots on our tomatoes and zucchini telling of insect bites and blossom end rot, it’s fun to see a few items that are designed with Dalmatians in mind. One is our new winter squash variety this year. Called Speckled Hound, this squat pumpkin starts out green with red spots and seems to fade to pink with green stripes. It is beautiful for sure, and I plan on finding out about its taste later this week. The cool rainy wather is readying me for some good squash soup, and this looks like it could make a great one. We only have a few of these around the stand as it was just a trial this year, but if the taste is as great as the look expect more next year.

Flashy Trout Back Lettuce

Also in the, “it’s supposed to look like that?” category of produce, you may have already seen one of our newest additions to the lettuce table this summer. Flashy Trout Back was going to be our replacement for Red Romaine, but it is far more fascinating than that. It so far has appeared to be a non heat tolerant lettuce and is prone to bolting to seed very quickly in the heat, so up til now we have only picked it as a baby head. With cooler temps it seems to be willing to grow to a larger size and hopefully we will see quite a bit more of it through next month.

So there,  a few choice examples of spots you needn’t fear. See, I’m not all gloom and doom. Stop on by and let me or one any of our helpful crew cheer you into autumn with some great produce and fall decorations.

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